I never did post more pictures of my parents’ 50th anniversary party in December, so here’s a few.
cake table 1 small

My parents, Walter and Sherry Guinn Roberson, cutting the cake.

cutting cake 4 small
This is our antique family punch bowl that belonged to my grandmother. It will be mine someday. For Rachael and Brandon’s wedding, we will use a silver punch bowl that we have, since the colors are blue and silver:


We always have lots of food! That’s the future groom, Brandon, standing at the end of the table.


the line small

Bethany hiding behind the camera. My cousin’s daughter was standing on the left of the picture, but I cropped her out because I knew she would not appreciate that picture    On the right is our friend Kathryn (from church) who helped us a great deal. She wants to help with the wedding, too.

Beth small


Kathryn 3 small
 My goofy sisters (yes, I said they’re goofy) Tammy, Laurie and Heather:

Laurie and Tammy small Laurie eating small 


Heather small


I’ll post pictures of me in about 30 pounds.   Laurie always hits the mall the day after Christmas, at 6:00 a.m. She loves to catch the sales. So on Christmas Day, she asked Rachael, “So what do you want for your wedding? I’m going to Foley’s in the morning.” She told her she’d get her whatever she wanted. I should have put in my order    One day she called me on her cell phone and said she just picked up snowflakes at Garden Ridge Pottery and wanted to know if we wanted them for the wedding. She said, “I knew I couldn’t go wrong. They were only 49 cents.”

Bethany is going to get some really good pics of Brandon and Rachael soon, to put on the engagement announcements. And since she’s the photo lab tech, she’ll make the announcements, too. And get a 20% discount



3 thoughts on “

  1. Hey my mom told me to tell you to stop posting pictures of Heather in ’85 because it reminds my mom of how OLD she really is and how much older she is than Heather and Bill. LOL Y’all are the same age!!! I guess that makes you really OLD too. Oh and she said she still feels 29!!!

  2. Holly, don’t forget I know where you live!  :p
    Yeah, I’m 8-1/2 years older than Heather. Steve and Bill are 10 years apart almost to the day. Bill’s is Dec 10 and Steve’s is Dec 14. We’re gonna wait till they are 45 and 55, and have a 100 year birthday party. 😆

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