I’ve got a really bad case of the “don’t want to’s ” today. And my depression got me really down last night.

Rachael just called and she is on her way home at lunch to pick up one of our cats. She is a vet tech, and they are going to spay our kitten, Rita, tomorrow, so she is coming to get her and do blood work early. She tried to take Rita with her this morning, but Rita kind of flipped out and managed to get out of the cat carrier.

I’ve got to go get ready to run some errands before I pick up Beth at work. But I wanted to show you guys this beautiful wedding cake. Rachael likes it. So we’ll try to make a similar one for the snowflake wedding in November.


I’m told Ethan has to be at the State of the Union address tonight. I’m excited for him. I know it’s work, but it’s kind of a neat thing to get to do. I’m proud of him.

Image hosting by PhotobucketI just ordered fake snow to put on tables and scatter down the aisles.    I wanted to see what it looks like long before the wedding. Steve said he wondered how much it would cost to have snow blown over the church yard. I told him the groom and groomsmen would be out there throwing snowballs at the bridesmaids. He said, come to think of it, Rachael would probably be right out there with them.   On the bright side, it could be the “funnest” wedding we’ve ever been to!

I think the groom’s cake will be a chocolate layer cake, made to look like a race track. On top will be a Camaro and a Yamaha motorcycle racing each other. But I’m just guessing.

b425544 Guess what supper is? Yeah….we’re cheating on the diet.

And Charles, now you have started something. Steve is suggesting putting sparklers in the girls’ bouquets.  I’m thinking we may need emergency personnel standing by.




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  1. Charles, that sounds fun. You know you aren’t going to get any argument from Brandon abut fireworks! 😆 (See if you can find fireworks that come down looking like snowflakes! :yes: )
    I can understand why you are proud of him!   Thanks, Melissa. He doesn’t understand it, though. 😥
    Charles we were on the way home and I told Beth, “Charles is bringing fireworks to the wedding.” She said, “Oooo, cool! I know who I’m hangin with!” Now Steve says it might be fun to have fireworks. I can see this is going in the wrong direction! :p

  2. :spinning: :lol:Love you Cindy…I just read your husband’s site and those hugs were much better than a cat naming contest any day… :yes: :shysmile:

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