z8627828Well, I got a Valentine gift from another man today. Candy. One of the guys Beth works with, Jesse, gave me candy today. That was sweet. Jesse’s only 20. I’m going for younger men now   

I’ve been out running errands this afternoon. I went to the post office, to pick up Beth from work, to Walmart, to the bank, to the church to do some more cleaning after last night’s dinner, and then to Hobby Lobby. They have all their wedding stuff and flowers 1/2 price. Whenever they do that, I buy for the upcoming wedding. I don’t plan on paying full price for much of anything. I’m cheap like that. I’m not afraid to admit it.

Then I picked up supper at Subway. It feels so good to just sit down!   


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  1. Sounds like a good and productive day… butthat 1st paragraph… I suppose that gives Steve the right to go for those younger women…

  2. I’m 21 so, I don’t know if I fall under your stereotypical “younger” or your stereotypical “older” categories lol!  However, I am just going to say HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! to you and let you make the decision on your own.  And thank you!  She is absolutely wonderful!  I gotta say…I love her!  I do!
    Your bro in Christ,Page Lynch

  3. Mmmm Subway!
    When is the wedding?  You are smart to plan and buy what you can when it’s on sale.  I can’t even imagine what weddings cost nowadays.  My dear husband jokes that he whispers “elope, elope” in my daughters’ ears. LOL

  4. Hi, Page   :wave:….it’s good to hear from you again. I’d have to say you are one of the “younger” ones. You are in the same age range as my kids. Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day :yes: 

  5. When is the wedding?    It is November 18. My son Brandon is marrying Rachael. This Saturday, Feb. 18, they will be together 6 years. It’s going to be beautiful – blue and silver, and the theme is snowflakes. She’s in Florida right now, since her grandfather died, and I can’t wait for her to get back and see the things I got yesterday. Beautiful flowers.

  6. My dear husband jokes that he whispers “elope, elope” in my daughters’ earsCindy is one of four girls so her dad used to say the same thing. Then he rethought it and realized he wanted the satisfaction of giving everyone last one of them away. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  7. I was just talking to Daddy on the phone about the wedding. When Tammy got married, Daddy built a lattice arch and fences, to look like a garden gate. We all used it in our weddings. We are not going to use it in the sactuary this time, but we are going to use that same garden gate in the fellowship hall for backdrops behind tables.

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