….or as Ricky G. says……Happy Singles Awareness Day 

You guys just have to read Steve’s description of last night’s concert and dinner. I hope you don’t misunderstand….the group was decent and I believe they are Christians spreading God’s word. But we have a group of women in our church that follows this quartet around like groupies. They cheer and swoon just like teenaged girls at a boy band concert. It was ridiculous. But this same group won’t come to the serious stuff at church – Bible studies, workdays, etc. They only want to come to party. It creates quite a bit of resentment. One woman who is a member, comes to church maybe twice a year, and absolutely never contributes any money toward the upkeep of the church, but wrote a very large check to this quartet last night.

Fellowship always has a place in a church. We need to get together every now and then. But to this group, the food and the party seems to be the only important part. There must be a balance.

I don’t believe our church, as a whole, is spiritually dead. But I believe for part of the membership, it very well may be. But we have to keep on working. Depression tends to set in on those who work hard and tithe, and then see a spectacle like last night. We just have to remember that we must continue to do what God says. We cannot change the hearts of other people ourselves – only God can.

When they were whooping and hollering last night, honestly worshipping this group of 4 men rather than God, I was remembering Ethan telling Beth in church one day, “They talked…” when somebody said “Amen.” He wouldn’t have been able to believe last night


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  1. Cindy, that church situation does sound frustrating.  All you can do is pray and love them any way.  That must be some quartet! 🙂

  2. Our pastor has started something new. Before every service, he prays for the sermon (that’s not new), but then asks someone to pray for the congregation, that they will understand the message and act on it. I’ll be interested to see if any actions change.

  3. That sounds like such an excellent idea! I’ve not heard of that being done before (i.e. – someone praying for the congregation). There is such a spiritual battle being waged in your church. I left a message for both you & Steve on his site. Loving prayers — Carolyn :heartbeat:

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