I just got an email saying my cousin, Ross, is leaving Fort Hood tomorrow for Afghanistan. He is a helicopter pilot. In “real life”, he is a police officer for the city of Conroe, Texas, 1-1/2 hours north of Houston. His sister’s husband is suppose to go to Iraq in March. (Charles, I’m talking about Tom, who went to Bosnia with you.)

When Ross was little, I was his regular babysitter, when his parents wanted to go out. I am 13 years older than he is. I am actually closer to my aunt’s age than his – she and I are 8 years apart. I remember sitting and holding him after he had surgery when he was a little boy. Now he’s a grown man. Doesn’t seem possible.  But then my own son is a grown man now. (I didn’t say mature….I just said grown  )

Ross is a Chief Warrant Officer 2. This site gives an explanation of his rank.

This is Ross. He will be 36 in Julytroops_1

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  1. Yes, he is. For several years he was in the Army National Guard. When he became a police officer he quit that. But he heard the army was in need of helicopter pilots, and flying was always a dream of his.

  2. 😦 Wow, it just becomes more and more real when you have family that is going to war!  Also, to know you and see the pictures makes it more real for me … I will keep them all in my prayers ..
    :heartbeat: Connie

  3. I don’t have anyone in my family who are in the service currently.  But I know several others who have relatives overseas in the service.  I will keep Ross in prayer with you, just like I do them.

  4. Thanks for the stop over and for commenting. I used to live in South Texas (Sugarland). I found your link when your son’s F-I-L  linked.  – funny.:lol:
    I, too will pray for your cousin.

  5. Cindy,
    Be frank,i was stressful these days but now feel very well,thank God!
    Wish you a blessed day:sunny:
    See you laters~:)
    With love:heartbeat:

  6. RYC: You are a prize, Cindy! :giggle: Your cousin is a handsome man, as well as one to be proud of . . . we have  & have had relatives and close friends in the military. We can be proud of all of them, and keep them in our prayers! Oh, & thanks for the informative link – very interesting. :yes:

  7. :laugh: Thank you, Carolyn. I also enjoyed reading the link about the ranks and pay grades. You know, a pay grade, say E4, means nothing to me. Talk money….that I can understand. If you are E4, how much do you make? That link also explains it. I remember thinking that when our pastor’s son was being promoted in the army.

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