You guys go to Susan’s blog and read about the funny street names competition. One of the runners up was the intersection of “Clinton” and “Fidelity” in Houston. I looked it up, and Fidelity DEAD ENDS into Clinton. That’s just funny.

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Today is a day where I’m probably not going to get a lot accomplished. I’m too tired. Last night I worked on a prototype for the pew bows for the wedding. I think we’ve got it the way Rachael likes it. I may work on the veil a little more today.

Last night I was a little worried about Bethany. She was having some feelings that were more than just “dizzy” spells. When she is really low on sleep, her head starts to feel crazy and she gets migraines. When I am sleep deprived, I get migraines and have seizures (fortunately, I have to be pretty deprived of slumber to have the seizures). I have always been concerned that she may turn out to have the same problems I do. Last night she said she felt like she was “high”. She does know sort of what it feels like, having had anesthesia and prescription pain medication. That’s a pretty good description actually.

God is so good to meet our needs. I am the church Treasurer, and last week we got our renewal policy for our property insurance. We pay it quarterly and it is a little over $2500, due March 12. Well, being a little church, our offering is low, although it’s a pretty good offering for 35-50 people. A very small number of people actually tithe, which is pretty typical for any church. The standard is 20% of the people give 80% of the money. Ours is less than 20%.

So last Monday, after I paid our huge electric bills, I was telling God I didn’t know where the money was going to come from to pay the insurance, and was asking Him to provide it. He always has before. Well, Sunday one of our members gave a one-time offering of a little over $3900. I can now pay our insurance, and don’t even have to wait till the last minute and juggle the bills like I usually do.

God really does still work miracles. We just don’t always recognize them as such. He tells us to test him, and see if what He says is true:

Mal 3:9-11….. 10 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.” NIV


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  1. :heartbeat: great blog today, but I have an unrelated question …
    Do cats become more calm after they are neutered or spayed … I am fixing to kill a couple of kitties if they tear up one more thing!!!
    Luv, Connie
    Oh … and have a blessed day!

  2. She’s fine today. She got a good amount of sleep last night. She got up this morning and went to the Christian bookstore to get a new accompaniment CD, and then went to work at 3:30. She works till 10:30.

  3. I thought I wasn’t going to be okay today, either. I stepped out of bed and had the same feeling, and it almost depressed me that it didn’t go away after all that sleep. But I stayed up quite a while and it didn’t happen again, so I figured I was safe to drive. So I’ve been fine today, thanks for asking

  4. I hope that Beth is feeling better soon.  I will pray for her and you too.
    God is so faithful.  It is always amazing (though I don’t know why we should be surprised) when He continues to meet every single need.

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