I was looking through some old pictures again, and thought you might like to see this one. It’s not often you see a shark on the freeway. 

Shark Attackcropped


8 thoughts on “

  1. Just passing through. Cool shark. I love sharks, I drive everyone crazy during shark week. I don’t think that I would be afraid to meet that one.

  2. That is  a cool picture.  RYC:  Yes, they did check blood pressure, about 20 times a day when we were in the hospital. it is always normal.Have a Blessed Day!  marlo

  3. We don’t have a clue where the shark was “heading” 😆  We were on our way to the airport and just saw this thing on a trailer. There is no marine park near us. I suspect it may have been possibly something like a decoration for a seafood place. I saw a similar shark a couple of weeks ago on the news.

  4. You always have a camera ready, don’t you! :lol:What a great picture.Hope you are having an excellent day. I thank God for your friendship.

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