Read Susan’s post about mean parents

Ok, I created my own quiz, but on a different website than the others used. This is one I’ve used before, and it is easier to use. How well do you know me?

I’ll print the scores on here so you don’t have to go to the site to see them:

Beth 100; Steve 100; Brandon 100; Suzanne 100; Holly 90 (but it should have been 100 because she hit a wrong one when she really knew how long my parents have been married  ); Ricky G 80; Carolyn 80; Frances 80; Sarah 70; Ethan 60; Connie 40


I have to z21641980 , z5308321  and  z10692095



17 thoughts on “

  1. I’ve read that item before – it’s a keeper! So are you :yes: — Hope you are having a better day :sunny: — :heartbeat: Loving prayers still going up . . . Carolyn 

  2. :sunny: Booooo!  I seconded guessed myself on at least 3 of them .. and I didn’t know you had rabbits .. I got the important questions right! ha!
    rtc:  I know .. I think there were a few other people’s scores who were wrong …
    Still fun to do!!!
    Have a blessed day!
    Luv, Connie

  3. Hey I took your quiz and accidentally picked that your parents are have been married for 25 yrs.!!! lol that means that you and steve have been married 1 yr longer than your parents!! LOL after I clicked 25 I said DUH!!! I knew it was 50 just clicked the wrong one…so I really should have made a 100!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO GO ME!!~HOLLY~

  4. I took your test . . . but I cheated & looked back at your blog for some of them. :spinning:BUT they should still count, cuz I cared enuf to do that:yes::wink: . . . besides, the memory starts to fade as you get older!:laugh::lol: It was fun! :fun:

  5. No, that’s not cheating. It’s an open book test! :laugh:  I wondered if anybody would do that. I believe just about everything I asked is in the blog somewhere.  :goodjob:

  6. Got 70 – not bad for never having met or visited you and not searching through your blog 🙂
    Only the brothers and sisters one I had NO clue about. The parents marriage one I almost chose 50 d’oh!

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