b4335653 I am now starting to have bad dreams about the wedding. And it’s still 8 months away! Last night I dreamed that the wedding was at our church, but it didn’t look anything like our church. We had spent all our time decorating the fellowship hall for the reception and had not decorated the sanctuary. Well, for some reason the wedding was supposed to be at 8:00 p.m. (it’s not really going to be that late!) All our guests were there and it was 8:10, but we couldn’t let them in because we still had to decorate. I went to get my mother to help me decorate the church, and she was asleep in a recliner in the fellowship hall. Don’t understand that one. Well, I think I actually do understand that one, but it has nothing to do with the wedding.

Praise God I woke up!


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  1. LOL…dreams can be really strange at times!  Relax, God is in control! :goodjob:
    RYC on Joel Osteen….my grandmother use to listen to Joel’s dad faithfully on TV every Sunday night (she lived in a retirement and was no longer able to attend church).  Grandma would rave about the wonderful sermon that was preached.  I had never heard of John/Joel Osteen before my grandmother had spoke of them.  After Grandma’s death,one night I just happened to be channel surfing and came across Joel Osteen.  I listened to him, but thought he was more like a motivational speaker vs. a pastor.  My husband pointed out how Joel seldom refers to any scripture passages in his so-called sermons. He also saw Joel’s interview with Larry King and was in disbelief how Joel was responding to King’s questions.  Unfortunately, my husband and I have very little respect for Joel Osteen, despite the fact I have family who still believe he’s a fantastic preacher and I can’t convince them otherwise.

  2. :lol:….Thanks, Susan. I don’t know why I dream things like that, because I know it will all come together, and it will be beautiful. I can’t even count the number of weddings I’ve done before. But each one has its own stresses. And the wedding isn’t the only stress in my life right now. There are things in a lot of my dreams about the other stresses. I think my mind is starting to combine them all into one bad dream to save time!  :wha:

  3. :sunny: I think, just like a lot of “big time” preachers, they start out doing what is right and get side tracked by the glamour and prestige and power of it all … you would think they would learn from the past …
    The dream … you are getting anxious … ha!
    Have a great evening!
    :heartbeat: Connie

  4. Connie, I think you are exactly right.  :yes:
    Marlo, I think I’ll just stay awake tonight, and head the nightmares off at the pass! :laugh:
    HI, SUZANNE!  :giggle:

  5. Maybe you didn’t recognize the church because it was at Lakewood!  And your mother was sleeping in Joel’s recliner.  lol  That truly WOULD be a nightmare!
    You shouldn’t eat pizza just before bed.

  6. Joel Osteen sounds a little like a real life version of the guy in “The Shofar Blew” by Francine Rivers… I always thought that was unrealistic 😦 it seems not 😥

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