I was just wondering…….if a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, but sugar isn’t on a low-carb diet…..would a spoonful of Splenda be just as good??

b1457284 Well, I went and got my nails done today. A new girl was there, just on a temporary basis, helping Karen. Karen is 2 weeks away from having her 3rd baby, and she looks like she’s gonna pop any minute. I told her that when I was pregnant with Brandon, I leaned over one day, and my water broke. Then I told her to stop leaning over, please, because I didn’t want her having that baby right there in the shop.   She’s a petite little Vietnamese girl (well, woman – she’s 31), so the only place for that baby to go is straight out front. But she looks cute. I need to go get her something for the baby.

Lily was on vacation this week, so Tiffany did my nails. You know, you don’t expect a 30 year old woman that was born in Vietnam, to be named Tiffany  She was really sweet and did a good job. She told me she has a bachelor’s degree (I forgot in what, but it’s computer related). Then she decided she wanted to study to be a pharmacist, but dropped out of pharmacy school because she wasn’t really that interested. She said sick people get cranky, and she didn’t want to deal with them. She said she learned to do nails when she was in high school, and just does it sometimes because she considers it an art, and it’s fun. I’m thinking, though, that she really doesn’t know what she wants to do for the rest of her life. She has a boyfriend, but she isn’t in a hurry to get married, and they don’t want kids. She came over here in 1992. Yeah….we pretty much discussed her whole life.


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  1. Hi,Cindy:)thanks for your care:shysmile:i’m fine but busy recently:lookaround:
    miss you so much:love:i’ll write more later:wink:
    take care,see ya later:giggle:
    wish you a blessed day:sunny:

  2. like you, i know almost all the people in my favorite saloon.. and they know me also.. everytime i visit there.. aside from getting my hair, my nails done, i am having a good time talking about their life.. nice to know people and their experiences…have a blessed weekend.. enjoy….

  3. and they know me also  Yes, Karen and Lily always remember everybody. When I go in, they ask me about my daughter, and they even ask about a friend of ours that they’ve never even met (Although Lily thinks he’s cute. He is Asian, too, and she nearly drooled over him when she looked at his picture! 😆 ) I don’t know how they can remember all those people. All I can say is their minds are much younger than mine! :laugh:

  4. OH MY GOSH yes they get cranky. So do drug addicts when they can’t get their Vicodin.
    Lily and her daughter, and her boyfriend/husband/baby daddy/whatever he is came in on Wednesday night.

  5. Lily and her daughter, and her boyfriend/husband/baby daddy/whatever he is came in on Wednesday night.
    The boyfriend she has now is not the father of her daughter. She’s been with this guy about 6 months, and her little girl is 6.

  6. I have never had my nails done… :lookaround: in fact I’m not sure I know anyone who has their nails done regularly. I wonder if that is a UK thing or what…

  7. Mike is always saying that wherever I go . . . example stores — by the time I’m through the checkout — I know the life history of the cashier. :giggle: Not exactly, but people do tend to share their lives with me, too. 😉

  8. I have to keep mine short for piano and violin, and have done for 3/4 of my life. So I guess there wouldn’t be any point! Mine get weak if I let them grow long, I think…:wha: been a while since I did, I don’t remember – it’s pretty rare for me!

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