We start a new Bible Study series tonight. People have been asking  for a long time about starting another one. We took a break for a year or so. Steve is the only one who has been regularly teaching a Bible Study, and we just needed to rest for a while. But we have such good fellowship time during Bible Studies. One of our members does not really know much about the Bible, not having been raised in a church that studied it. So we are going to start “in the beginning”, and teach the basics.

And we’ll have coffee…..lots of coffee……

I think dinner tonight will be enchiladas.

I read a post earlier that angered me a little. Someone said they had been reading blogs where people post about “getting their nails done” and that “God is not in it.” Of course, she had read my post about getting my nails done, and talking about the girls in the salon.

Does every post we make have to be about God? Of course not. But does that mean “God is not in it?” Again, of course not. Somebody would only have to scroll back to my Wednesday post to see a lot of scripture posted. And you have to read each post carefully sometimes, to see the Bible lesson in it.

God is in our lives every single day. He is in everything we do. Many people post only scripture and devotionals, and that is certainly their choice to do so. I read a couple of blogs everyday, that post devotionals/scripture, but they also post a few personal things. I enjoy that. But let me ask a question. When you read those who only post devotionals, do you get to know the person? Do you ever really see their heart? Do you get to know them like a friend? No.

Did you know that when a friend or family member invites someone to church, they are far more likely to keep going to church, than when a cold-contact invites them? Statistics show that about 80% of those invited by someone close, stay in church, and less than 20% of those invited by a stranger stay in church. It also stands to reason that if a friend invites someone to come to Jesus, they are far more likely to do so, than when a stranger witnesses to them.

If I post about getting my nails done, can someone assume “God is not in it?” What if I am getting to know a new girl at the nail salon as a friend, so that she can see Jesus in my life?

Many of us post about what we are fixing for dinner, or fun we are going to have that night. Carolyn, Mrs. B., Connie and all the other ladies in the Dallas area, and myself….we all talk about everyday kind of stuff. Non-Christians need to see that we are all ordinary, every day kind of people, who also do the mundane things of life. We are not all standing up on pedestals in our churches. We are human. That is the kind of thing that people are more likely to warm up to. If people see us all as unapproachable saints, they will not approach. But don’t be misled…..many of us sneak a Bible lesson in our posts somewhere.

Bethany wrote nearly 2 years ago, about a lesson in getting her nails done. You can go to her blog, or you can just read here:

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


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  1. Critical hearts hurt our Lord…Loving hearts pleases our Lord…This is the very reason I stay away from most. Glad you are in my life.

  2. That was great…God is in every little detail of our lives…so what if we post bout normal every day things? My posts go from one extreme to another lol….I would hope people didn’t think God was in it with me :wave:

  3. I’m so glad you posted this today!!  I’ve often wondered if I could do better by posting more scripture, tidbits of testimony, or praise etc.  Have I committed some dis-service to God by not doing it?  I don’t think so.  I love to post that stuff and do when the mood or occasion calls for it.  But I would rather be an influence to others and maybe have someone see Jesus THROUGH me instead of BECAUSE of me. Does that make sense?  I’ve never been one to be a great evangelizer. It’s just not something I’m good at.   But I hope that people see Jesus in me , in my life, and in my heart.  And then there’s our layouts!  Pictures and blinkies and icons.  Xanga could be a whole new form of evangelism if enough people got on board!  I love to share daily happenings and you know we ALL love to talk about our kids!  That’s a big part of what being a Christian is to me.  Sharing this thing called life with each other.  I hope I’m conveying this right.  Bottom line?  AMEN SISTER!!!!  I want to hear about EVERY nail appointment, every balance, every haircut, every wedding plan, every little detail you feel like sharing!  Be blessed!!   

  4. I usually don’t read the blogs that are just devotionals and scriptures. I much prefer to read the postings of those who are applying the scriptures to their daily lives and seeing that God is in EVERY aspect of our lives.

  5. i agree with you… i am thankful to those people who always posted the good news in their site.. its very inspiring.. but you shouldn’t be condemned about what your blogs… we have to know God but also we have to know the people around us.. the people we inter-acting with… and by posting some topics like “doing the nails” we get to know you better… its really comforting when we know that people who encourage us are real people.. doing the same things that we do… nails being done. simple as it is but the story that you post reflected your personality… so somehow we know you even if we didn’t see eye to eye…and oh.. the pictures i posted.. you’re right, it didn’t really showed that im working but i guess it will help knowing me better.. *wink*have a blessed saturday…

  6. Well, it was just a thought.  Just a thought?? Based on what? That people who do normal, everyday things can’t possibly have God in their lives? I assume it was your mother. Your IP address is the same.  The post said “…it must make God sad.” No, it does not. I am sure that there are things you do in your everyday life, where God is not your first thought. Routine things.So does it make it wrong for you to do those things? Of course not. I feel sorry for someone with the attitude displayed in that post.

  7. Amen Sister!! :yes: I agree so much with you that God keeps us here on earth to live among those in every walk of life to be His ambassadors. That’s also why Jesus used the common, every-day events in life to tell about Heavenly truths. And He used little things from each individual’s interests to make his point. Ex.- In the O.T. – a lamb – for a former shepherd to see his sin; In the N.T. –  water – for a spiritually thirsty Samaritan woman; and HE HIMSELF – was criticized for spending too much time with tax collectors & other such sinners. I’m sure glad HE did .  .  . cuz we’re now in HIS FOREVER FAMILY! — Oh, btw — I’m back! :giggle: 

  8. HE HIMSELF – was criticized for spending too much time with tax collectors & other such sinners.
    Thank you, Carolyn!! Excellent example that I didn’t even think of, sorry to say…..:goodjob:

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    Is it weird that while the girl was doing my nails today (yes, my nails. I’m a girl, quit rolling your eyes), I was thinking about how it applies to our spiritual lives? Hmm… okay I’ll explain. But you’re all gonna think I’m weird.

    I don’t know WHAT was wrong with her today, but she was hurting me. lol. She was going so fast; it usually doesn’t hurt. But anyway, that’s beside the point.

    If you’ve ever gotten your nails done, or seen it done, you know it doesn’t start out pretty. First they have to be roughed up and grinded, to strip away all the ‘ugly’ stuff; the stuff that will get in the way. If you haven’t seen it done before, you kind of wonder how that will ever be something pretty. I did. Today it reminded me of how God has to strip away parts of us to make us something beautiful, and we don’t see it because all we can see is that it’s ugly. And the grinder can hurt, if your nails are weak. Should I explain that one?

    She was doing it a little differently today and I was confused, watching her. Every time she did something I was thinking “hold on… what are you doing?” – “that’s not gonna look good.” – “You’ve never done that before, what are you doing?” – “You sure this is going to look right?” But of course I didn’t say anything, just kept reminding myself that SHE was the “artist” and she probably knew what she was doing. I had faith that, since she hasn’t let me down yet, it would look fine when she was done. It reminded me of how much we ask God, whether actually verbalizing it, or saying it with our lack of faith, “are you sure You know what You’re doing? We’ve never done this before and I’m confused, I don’t think it’s going to work.” I had faith she knew what she was doing… with my nails. I trust the nail girl. But I don’t always trust God with my life? That’s… kind of odd. But true. And we all do it (though, we don’t all have nail girls in our stories ).

    They looked so bad when I went in because I had waited way longer than the two weeks needed between refills. They looked awful. And it was starting to hurt because they grew out so long, they would get caught in things sometimes and twist, and that did NOT feel good. Kim told me today when she was fixing them: “you waited too long, that’s why.” Hmm… we do that. We wait so long and ignore a problem (or try to fix it ourselves) before we ask God for help, and in the meantime we’re getting worse, and getting hurt (or, hurting ourselves).

    Once she was done working, she polished them all up and told me to wash my hands. And they were pretty. Just like I knew they would be. I have some “scars” since my nails were weak because I waited too long, fixing it hurt some. But now that the refining has been done, it’s beautiful.

    Beauty is pain.