I have no idea why, but last night I dreamed Steve and I had twins….now….at our age    I think I’ll just stay awake tonight!

Steve is tearing out the kitchen ceiling, and the ceiling by the front door, to replace leaky water pipes. Maybe I should work a Bible lesson into this somehow, for those who might think this means God is not in our lives because I’m posting about mundane, routine things.   If you don’t understand, go here.

Eccl 10:18…..18 If a man is lazy , the rafters sag; if his hands are idle, the house leaks. NIV

I just made a copy of Brandon’s birth certificate so he can start flying lessons. He has to prove he’s a legal resident of our country. My dad almost had his pilot’s license when he had his first heart attack, and could no longer fly. Brandon has always wanted to fly, and he wants to take my dad up flying with him. This is what he’ll be learning to fly: 

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I’ve been reading some of Bethany’s old posts. This one cracks me up. (I’ve made it up to the first of 2005.)

Quote of the week: “You know it’s not a good day, when 1/2 the ______(descriptive word deleted) women you see, started out as guys.”  –Brandon

Guess I better get back to making bridesmaids’ bouquets.

Sheetrock dust makes such a mess…….. 


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  1. My bro always wanted to learn to fly, unfortunately he could not afford to. He had a couple of random lessons as gifts though: one of them they had a 4 seater plane and me and his girlfriend went up too. It was fun flying in a light aircraft!

  2. Cindy: goodness!
    I guess partly that’s what comes from being in such a huge landmass. It’s pretty hard to travel far in Britain without hitting sea!
    I wonder how big Texas is in comparison with Britain? I suspect England at least and quite possibly my whole country could fit into your state…!
    It was very weird when I was in Russia during uni – we traveled on a train for 40 hours solid… do that in Britain and you’d end up in the sea….

  3. 😮 assuming I have understood this right:
    The UK’s geographic size: 244,820 square kilometres
    Texas’s geographic size: 268,601 square MILES!
    Woah. We could probably fit into you twice. I am never sure exactly how km converts to miles… *goes to check*
    UK is about  152,124 square miles apparently.
    We’re teeny! That’s my whole country!! 😆

  4. Some more size facts about Texas:Texas has more counties (254) than any other state. Forty-one counties in Texas are each larger than the state of Rhode Island.The King Ranch in south Texas is larger than the state of Rhode Island.The land area of Texas is larger than all of New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois combined. It extends 801 miles from north to south and 773 miles from east to west.The Dallas/Ft. Worth airport is larger than New York City’s Manhattan Island.El Paso, Texas is closer to Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast than it is to Port Arthur on Gulf Coast of Texas. Port Arthur, on the other hand, is closer to Jacksonville, Florida on the Atlantic Coast than it is to El Paso.The Dallas-Fort Worth area has more residents – 5,221,801 – than 31 U.S. statesTexas’ largest county is Brewster with 6,208 square miles. Connecticut (5,544 Sq Mi), Delaware (2,489 Sq Mi) and Rhode Island (1,545 Sq Mi) can fit inside this county.And Sarah, ALASKA is 1,500,000 Sq Kilometers.

  5. Yes I saw the stats for Alaska, but that didn’t surprise me so much – having seen it on maps I have a better idea of its size.
    I feel small:lookaround::eek:
    Glad I made Brandon laugh:rolleyes::p

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