Time for a Bible Quiz. Who among you knows why God told the Jews to circumcise their boys at the age of 8 days old? Why 8 days? Why not at birth, like is done today?


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  1. 😆 The babies use to say that, too, before doctors got smart enough to realize they could actually feel pain. Even when my nephew was born in 1984, our doctor told my sister, “Oh, he can’t feel it.” Right….that’s why he was screaming.

  2. OK, I’m going to go ahead and answer. It is because the 8th day of life is when the body naturally produces a sufficient amount of vitamin K, to clot the blood, so the baby does not bleed to death when cut. Today, doctors give an injection of vitamin K shortly after birth, so the body has a sufficient amount at a much earlier time. Most circumcisions now are done on about the 2nd day, if the baby was born in a hospital.
    Gen 17:12…..12 For the generations to come every male among you who is eight days old must be circumcised ,  NIV

  3. Haha…snowflakes/winter wonderland in Texas:lol: I wish I live in TX though..I miss the warm weather.
    Interesting topic you have today! Have a good one:wink:

  4. Interesting topic  :laugh:  I’ve just always been interested in the “why” behind some of the rules God gave. I read that in a book called “None of These Diseases”. It talks about the reasons for some of the rules, such as hygeine rules in Leviticus, that nobody understood then, but we understand now.

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