homesweethome I am cleaning today, not by choice, but because I cannot stand it any longer. Since Steve has been tearing out ceiling to replace old, leaky water pipes, I have a fine layer of white sheetrock dust all over everything. And those of you who have been in my house, know that there is a lot of stuff on display – out in the open. So I am having to vacuum a lot of stuff that hangs on the wall.

Well, we have an antique chest of drawers sitting by the front door. Part of the removed ceiling is right over that chest. So while I was vacuuming the floor, and the top of the chest, and everything on the shelf over it, I thought I might as well pull out the chest and really clean under it.

Oh, my goodness…….……..I’m wishing I hadn’t done it. I have not pulled that thing away from the wall in, oh, let’s say……a really long time! I guess the last time was when we put the ceramic tile down on the floor. That’s been several years. When I vacuum, I usually just run the brush under the front of the chest. Stuff does get pushed under there. But I wasn’t prepared for this.

I found crochet yarn under there. That chest is full of yarn and some must have fallen out of the back of a drawer, and onto the floor. I found Legos. Now, Brandon is 24 years, 4-1/2 months old. He hasn’t played with Legos in, probably……2 or 3 months  (I should probably check with him on that!) But these were Legos that I’m pretty sure have been there a lot longer than that. I did find one of his old toy trucks, Matchbox or Hot Wheels, don’t know which. But in my defense, I had taken that out of the top drawer of that chest only a few months back. It must have fallen off the chest and rolled underneath.

But the vacuum, the Swiffer Wet Jet, and I are spending a lot of (quality?) time together this afternoon. The moral of this story is……don’t ever move the furniture away from the wall!!

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  1. I was in a dish washing mood today.
    I get into the cleaning modd as well. Every once in a while I just grab a trash bag, start throwing junk away, and try my best to fix up any cluttered areas of my apartment. It’s one of those things that just can’t be helped…and gladly so. My apartment needs a cleaning.

  2. Hi, Jan….I had so many dishes to wash today. Part of the problems in replacing old water pipes is that the dishwasher wasn’t working for a short time. I already have to wash 2 loads a day to keep up, so they were really piling up. I am NOT washing them by hand! 😆

  3. i hate cleaning.. lol… yeah.. right… you can call me lazy and i won’t get offended… :pRYC: thanks for informing me that “boniveneighbor” is your son’s future father-in-law.. actually, he visited my page and thought i’d pay him a visit feeling blue right now..:(have a blessed day.. ingatz kaw lagi

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