“Fine, here’s another one…

Why did God command Israel not to eat pork?

(hint–it doesn’t involve food-borne illnesses)

Ready set go.

Posted 3/15/2006 at 12:18 AM by MrParadox


OK, this was a comment from Doug on my post yesterday about circumcision. So we’ll just make this another Bible Quiz. Anybody want to take a stab at it? We’ll give plenty of time.


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  1. I think that they were not supposed to eat pork because of the parasites trichinella spiralis that lives in the pork. If it is under cooked the parasite will get in your intestines and then move to your blood were it eventually gets to the muscles and feed off of your muscle and blood supply. I really did know this. I did not look it up…only the spelling lol. I don’t know if this is the answer that you are looking for, but hey that would be my guess. ~HOLLY~

  2. Hi, Holly….that is also in the book None of These Diseases, that I talked about yesterday. But Doug said it didn’t have anything to do with food-borne illnesses.

  3. That has to be it. We talked about that in great detail in my class and that this was the reason for God forbidding them to eat pork. I don’t know that it would be considered a food born illness. That is a parasite/worm. A food born illness would be just a bacteria that makes you sick. This parasite lives in the muscles sometimes un-noticed for months. Who knows. Let me know what the answer turns out to be.~HOLLY~

  4. Cindy,  I thought that I could keep up with all the xanga, emails, etc but I think it’s best that I go on hiatus for now.  Everything is fine.  Blessings to you and yours.

  5. Re: “My great-great-grandfather was born in Greene Co., TN.”  It’s amazing just how small the world becomes via the internet–that is just where I live…born and raised in Greene County.  Hope you have a wonderful day~  

  6. born and raised in Greene County   That’s amazing. He lived in Greeneville and Timber Ridge. One of his sisters was born in Coutsey. Genealogy is my life :coolman:

  7. I have read None of These Diseases more than once . . . such an interesting, fascinating book!  The circumcision answer is in there as well. So . . . since you’ve read the book, you can give your own answer! 🙂

  8. “In the middle of the nineteenth century, the discovery that trichinosis was caused by eating undercooked pork was interpreted as a precise verification…if properly cooked, pork is not a menace to public health, and so its consumption cannot be offensive to God…if Jahweh had merely wanted to protect the health of His people, He would have instructed them to eat only well-cooked pork rather than no pork at all. “I think that the Bible and the Koran condemned the pig because pig farming was a threat to the integrity of the basic cultural and natural ecosystems of the Middle East. “…the Hebrews were nomadic pastoralists, living almost entirely from herds of sheep, goats, and cattle. Like all pastoral peoples they maintained close relationships with the sedentary farmers who held the oases and the great rivers…Within the overall pattern of this mixed farming and pastoral complex, the divine prohibition against pork constituted a sound ecological strategy. The nomadic Israelites could not raise pigs in their arid habitats, while for the sedentary and village farming populations, pigs were more of a threat than an asset. “The basic reason for this is that the world zones of pastoral nomadism correspond to unforested plains and hills that are too arid for rainfall agriculture and that cannot easily be irrigated. The domestic animals best adapted to these zones are the ruminants–cattle, sheep, and goats. Ruminants have sacks anterior to their stomachs which enable them to digest grass, leaves, and other foods consisting mainly of cellulose more efficiently than any other mammals. “The pig, however, is primarily a creature of forests and shaded riverbanks. Although it is omnivorous, its best weight gain is from food low in cellulose–nuts, fruits, tubers, and especially grains, making it a direct competitor of man… “…the pig is thermodynamically ill-adapted to the hot, dry climate of the Negev, the Jordan Valley, and the other lands of the Bible and the Koran…pigs can’t sweat at all…adult pigs will die if exposed to direct sunlight and air temperatures over 98F. In the Jordan Valley, air temperatures of 110F occur almost every summer, and there is intense sunshine every year. “To compensate for its lack of protective hair and its inability to sweat, the pig must dampen its skin with external moisture. It prefers to do this by wallowing in fresh clean mud, but it will cover its skin with its own urine and feces if nothing else is available…it is not in the nature of the pig to be dirty everywhere; rather it is the nature of the hot, arid habitat of the Middle East to make the pig maximally dependent upon the cooling effect of its own excrement. “…the domesticated pig was almost always a relatively minor part of the village fauna…This is what one would expect of a creature which had to be provided with shade and mudholes, couldn’t be milked, and ate the same food as man.”~Marvin Harris”Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches: the Riddles of Culture”

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