Here is Rachael’s bouquet. It is mostly white, to contrast with the dark blue in the others. Since this is a winter wonderland/snowflake theme, the bouquets have tiny clear “ice cubes” in them and the roses in Rachael’s have little dew drops on them. It has pearls in the streamers, as well as among the flowers.

When Rachael got home tonight, I told her that some of you had requested to see her bouquet, so I wanted to post a picture. She was so tired, so she just nodded her head, and said, “I’m goin’ to bed.”  After she worked at the animal hospital till 2:00, she went to PetSmart and worked at their clinic till 7:00. Then she went to her friend’s house (Heather) to give her a shot of insulin. Heather is 7 months pregnant, and has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Heather won’t give herself the shot, so Rachael does it.

Rachael's bouquet 1 

I took some of the 2 bouquets together, so you could see the difference in sizes, but it doesn’t show up very well in the picture. Rachael’s is 14″ across and the bridesmaids’ are 10″ across. The bridesmaids’ have a single ring of roses around the silver poinsettia, and Rachael’s has a double ring of roses.

bouquets 1 cropped   


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