My cousin, Ross, sent pictures from Afghanistan. He is stationed at Bagram Air Base.  He is the copilot and gunner on an Apache Helicopter. The Apache is really neat in the way it operates. He wears a helmet which is attached to the gun under the nose of the helicopter. When Ross turns his head, the gun turns, also. He said he would like to have been able to take more pictures, but as they were flying over the mountains, what he calls “bad guy country”, he had to keep his finger on the trigger   Go here for more pictures from Bagram. That first link is an article written in March 2002. This is a good article on Bagram. Also, go here to read an article on how they had to replace parts of the runway. Kinda neat.

This is Ross, just back from escorting a Chinook into the mountains:


This is a line of Chinooks at Bagram:


This is the helmet he wears:


This is his camp at Bagram:


The Chinook they were escorting:


The Pech River Valley:


The “badlands”:


Sign at their base:


Here’s an Apache, for those who don’t know what they look like.


That’s all, folks. He also sent some of his room, but I didn’t think they would be of much interest to anybody. 


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  1. I saw a program on the discovery channel about the apache helicopters. They are amazing. The old ones were scary enough, but the new ones are even more fearsome. That helmet / gun turret thing is pretty clever.

  2. We watched a show on the Military Channel about the Apache. I thought it was pretty cool.
    When Ross was a teenager, he went with me to take his sister to the airport – she was going to see her husband graduate from basic training for the Army National Guard. On the way back, he was telling me what he wanted to do when he “grew up”. He wanted to fly and he wanted to be a police officer. Now he has done both, as he is a cop in Conroe and flies helicopters for the army.

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