I thought I would show you how good an artist Sarah really is. Here is her picture she drew of Beth:


And here is the picture she drew it from (Beth was 16 then). Go here  to see Bethany now.




8 thoughts on “

  1. She’s really good!!!  You can barely tell on from the other.  A whole ten years older huh?  I know who to come for advice when my teenager is driving me crazy then.  LOL  I hope the rest of the weekend is wonderful for you!  

  2. wow.. shes good.. actually not good… very good.. very talented.. and i love both pictures… beth is very beautiful.. guess it runs in the blood, right? :wink:RYC: yeah.. checked beth’s site already… you’re sp lucky for having such good kids.. not to mention pretty…have a great week.. ingatz lagi.. God bless..:)

  3. Thanks for visiting my page. I do love Genealogy and have been researching for about 10 yrs or more. My Dad died in 1998 and I have had a hard time getting back into it, on his family. But, in the last couple of years, I have started it back up. But I work and keep my grandson after school every day and don’t have the time I need!! The sketch above is VERY good. She is very talented. I can’t draw anything! I am up here in Tyler, and it is COLD and has rained all weekend. I have a good friend who lives in Kingwood, and my husband lived in Houston and Katy when he was growing up. Small world! Hope you visit me again!

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