I know you are just dying to see more flower pics  , so these are the arrangements that will sit on the choir rails in front of the piano and organ in our church (there are 2 of them). This, I believe, is all of the flowers. I can’t post anymore until we begin to decorate. The colors don’t show up as well in the pictures as they do “in person”. They are blue and white roses and silver poinsettias.

Choir rail 4

choir rail 3



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  1. P.S.
    I was hoping to subscribe (with you permission of course)?  It would be nice to get your opinion/advice on raising God-fearing children.  I have a sixteen year old and a four year old toddler!

  2. Thank you, Arlina. I started learning how to do flowers when I was a little girl. My grandmother did a lot of arrangements for church and flowers for weddings. Then my mother and I started a wedding business, doing everything that needs to be done for a wedding: cake, flowers, sewing, decorating, etc. We stopped doing that as a business several years back, but I still do it for friends and family. And I’m definitely doing my kids’ weddings. It’s much cheaper than hiring someone else :yes:

  3. Not only cheaper, but since you are professional:) & good :shysmile: & talented šŸ™„ (ok – I’ll stop embarrassing you!) šŸ˜† — it would be down-right (or is it right-down, in TX?) senseless to hire anyone! :laugh:

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