We got our kitties back!! I stopped by the pound when I took Beth to work (it’s only about 2 minutes away) and Tigger and Honey were there! Every time we have had a missing cat before, they were not at the pound. But I found out today that there is a man on the next street over from us, who sets traps for cats in his garage, and then he goes out and calls the neighborhood cats to come to him. Of course, the more sociable cats go in there and get trapped, and then he calls Animal Control. They wouldn’t tell me who it is, but I believe I have already figured it out. They told me he hates cats, and I know of a man on that street who has said he hates cats. He has also taught his sons to hate cats. Many years ago, his older son threatened to shoot any cats he saw. Most of our cats stay in our yard when we let them out, but these two don’t. They have to stay in the house now. Honey did not have his rabies shot (they forgot to give it to him when he was neutered last November), so I had to take him to Rachael at the animal hospital, and she is going to shoot him  and bring him home tonight. But they were SO glad to be home. As soon as we pulled in the driveway, they started going nuts. The animal control guy said they had been so scared at the pound, and they were. I had to pull Honey out from behind the litter box where he was hiding. I came home and ran in to put Tigger in the house, and left Honey in the car with the AC running, because I was going to take him to the vet. Well, he stepped on the button to put the back window down, so we almost lost him again. It’s going to be hard to keep these two inside, but we’ll have to. Rachael said Honey is running fever now, just from the stress of his ordeal, and he has mostly lost his voice from meowing so much to get out. The animal control guy said he had been meowing at the top of his lungs.

crazy cat lady               lovemykitty_2

If you want a laugh, go here, and click the link on his site. Brandon has always thought this was funny. It grows on you. 

Note to Mrs. B….I’m so glad it’s not 32 degrees down here! But this summer when it’s 100, I’m going to be wishing it wasn’t!

Found out Olivia’s blog wasn’t shut down for her age, but for an inactive email address. Good grief. But my previous comment still stands…..they ought to be shutting down the pornographic sites. They are easily accessible to very young people. If they spent their time shutting down those sites, they wouldn’t have time to notice other minor problems. And porn is against the rules on Xanga.




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  1. Thanks, Suzanne! And the kitties are glad to be back. Except Tigger is at the front door meowing to go outside. I told him he can’t go out because he will get trapped again, and he keeps looking at me like he’s saying, “So…?” Just like kids…he just doesn’t listen 😆

  2. glad theyre home now.. and sad that honey not feeling that well but hey she had a loving friend who will take care of her.. 😉
    have a great day!
    ryc: thanks for the comment, feelin better now not yet best but much better than yesterday 🙂

  3. Actually no, Carolyn, it is not illegal for him to trap cats. We have a leash law here even for cats. But nobody with cats goes by it, because most of us know what cat belongs to who, and don’t mind neighbor cats visiting. Cats do not like leashes and most of ours just stay in our yard. These 2 go across the street and visit, and some of the neighbors don’t mind. But I didn’t know they had gone over the fence to the next street.
    It would definitely be illegal to poison them, but then you have to prove who did it. I saw Richard (across the street) pour antifreeze in the street, but it would just be my word against his. Well, would have been….he’s dead now. In a little while, I plan to walk over to the other street and warn the people that I know have cats, about the man.
    There’s a woman who lives on that street who has a bunch of cats, and I believe this man lives almost right across the street from her. This woman has a female cat that has a new litter at least ever 6 months or so, and she won’t have that cat spayed. I know that one of the kittens we have now is from a litter of hers, and probably others, too. I’m tempted to take that cat and have her spayed! She lets these tiny kittens get out in the street and get run over. I just can’t stand that.

  4. :sunny: Hip hip hurray!!!  I am so glad they are home and safe!  :nono: Shame on that man who hates cats and goes out of his way to trap them!  YIKES!  I mean come on… doesn’t he have anything else constructive to do!!!  I mean geez! 

  5. doesn’t he have anything else constructive to do!!!  Apparently not. I walked around there just a few minutes ago, and he has his garage door up about 6″ or so, and you can see wire cages sitting in the garage.

  6. Ahh, poor babies.
    I was actually thinking of getting my granddaughter a kitten to keep here at my house.  She loves cats, but I have a schnauzer and chihuahua that would have to get adjusted to a cat.

  7. glad to hear your kitties are back..how did you find out about the reason why olivias blog was shut down.. i had one for private only.. it was shut down also by xanga.. and i dont know the reason behind it.. just said..”has been shut down for violation of Xanga’s eligibility requirements…”RYC: someones copying you is s flattering but kinda annoying also..have a blessed day.. ingatz lagi..

  8. :wave:Glad you got your cats back. Our “neighborhood” cat visited us tonight– we call it “tux”. He is my officially feet warmer, he slept on my feet while I was at my PC.:giggle: He decided to go back outside even though it is raining and cold. We have no idea if he belongs to anyone, but will see him and his sister travel about in our little neighborhood. The last cat we own was “stolen” from us, by our across the street neighbors. (where we use to live). I even had picture, but NO, did not see it according to them. The cat looked like a siamese cat, but really wasn’t. He (pooh) would nurse on my stuff bears, which was so cute. Well do take care, Sharon in GA PS Andrews AFB is a wonderful place to be stationed at.

  9. Hi, Sharon….we have a “Tux” also. We have so many black and white cats, we have had to get creative with the names….Tux, Cookie, Oreo, Checkers….
    Melai…..another friend, Suzanne (kainos_ktisis1) found out from Olivia. I thought maybe it was because of her age because she is 12.

  10. I’m so glad that you found your kitties.  What a horrible thing for that man to do.  Perhaps you ought to set a trap for him and call his name, call the men in the white coats to haul off  his wretched body to the looney bin.  Nah, that wouldn’t be too Christlike. :fun:

  11. Thanks, Jan.
    And Mrs. B…….:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: I like the idea of him being hauled off by the guys in white coats. Steve is praying that he catches a skunk in his traps. Last night I stepped outside, and the skunk smell was extremely strong outside. Wonder if the prayer worked?? :lol::lol:

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