When We Reject God

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I have been thinking about something that I wondered if any of you ever thought about.  How do you think God feels when people reject Him? Oh, as Christians we know the right answer to give – it hurts Him. But have you ever really thought about the details? How would we feel in the same situation?

Have you ever tried to be a friend to someone who really did not appreciate what you had to offer? Have you genuinely loved someone, but they didn’t love back? We have been in situations where we did everything from helping with serious problems to just offering hospitality and love. We were always there. We never changed. Our beliefs in what scripture says never changed. We never waivered in our belief that God is the answer in every situation. We never tried to force anyone to believe the way we believe, although we did share with them what we believe God wants in every situation. We have dried tears and calmed hysterical people going through tough situations. We’ve opened our home to people. And people accept these things we have to offer when the going is rough, or they just need someone to visit with. We’ve offered love and waited for people to accept it.

Then it hit me…..that’s what God does. God is always there, knocking on the door but never breaking in. He never forces people to accept him. He stands outside, waiting for an invitation into our lives. He is always there, even when we think He is not. He never changes. His word is always the same. He doesn’t cram that word down our throats. He just waits for us to see that His word is true. He offers everything He has to those who will accept it. He even paid the debt that our sin required. He was convicted of death in our place. And even when we balk at accepting Him, He still loves us – with all His heart.

But sadly, so many people never ask Him to come in. Or they call for Him in their time of need, but push Him back out the door when things seem to be going better. Many are too blind to see that His way is the very best.

As human beings, it hurts us terribly when people reject what we have to offer. Or when they just use what we give, and then say, “Thanks but no thanks.” But that only gives us a glimpse at what it must be like for God. He created us. He loved us. He sent his son to die for us. And He waits for us to see the value in what He has to offer, and invite Him into our lives.

We are still here for those we have loved. They’ll always know where to find us. They can rely on us.

God is always there. You can always find Him and always talk to him. You can rely on Him and trust Him.

Try it. Prove to yourself that what He says is true.


 I was thinking about a woman we helped during her divorce (we provided marriage counseling for them before the divorce). She literally would call me 20 times a day (both on our home phone and my cell phone). My cell phone bill during that time was unbelievable. She had an abusive husband and every time he would do something, she would call. And I was more than glad for her to do that, and more than glad to do whatever I could to help her. She had led kind of a promiscuous life, and we had talked about that. During her divorce, she started entertaining the idea of dating this other man who was interested in her. I kept telling her to wait until the divorce was final. But she didn’t listen. I kept telling her that God did not want her to sleep with him without being married to him. But she didn’t listen there, either. She wanted my help and my advice when it suited her purpose, but when I told her what the Bible said about the things she was doing, she started pulling away. It wasn’t what she wanted to hear. And she was a member of our church! What God says is what she should have been most interested in. I never, ever got ugly in trying to urge her to abide by God’s rules. She would ask me what I thought, and I would tell her what God says. But she finally pulled completely away because God’s word was contrary to what she wanted to do. She told me, “God knows how I am, and He will forgive.” Well, yes, that’s true, but she has been paying a price for her disobedience. God paid the ultimate price for our sin in that Jesus died as the sacrifice for our sin, but He did not say we would not suffer because of our decisions.

Annalissa was correct when she said you cannot make the horse drink. Someone else told me “this horse has to be thirsty to drink.” Oh….the hours I have spent praying that that horse will get completely dehydrated!!



20 thoughts on “When We Reject God

  1. Have you ever tried to be a friend to someone who really did not appreciate what you had to offer? Have you genuinely loved someone, but they didn’t love back? –> it happens to me. and really it hurts that much.. rejection is something that all of us hate to experience. Too much love can make us trully happy and at the same time can break us. God’s love for us is the greatest love ever seen and if we HIS child reject HIM  it will hurt HIM triple times the hurt we feel when we are rejected by the people we cared about…

  2. RYC: No Christian ‘living in the end times’ should focus on these things.    I hope you don’t believe it – ever! That’s hogwash.
    Noooo, I don’t believe that!  That person made a post on his site and asked, “Should Christians go to college and try to better themselves financially & socially?”  I left a comment and asked, “Why not?”  So, that was his response to my question of, “Why not?”  My pastor has a doctorate degree and teaches Bible classes at a local Christian Univesity.  There’s nothing wrong with Christians going to college to better themselve.
    I enjoyed your post today.  I’m sure God is quite saddened when people reject Him.  Also, I wonder how God feels when Christians worry and fret instead of putting all our faith in Him.  I just completed a 10 week Bible study that contained five faith statements:  1) God is who He says He is; 2) God can do what He says He can do; 3) I am who God says I am; 4) I can do all things through Him; 5) My God is alive and active in me. 
    Have a blessed day.
    God Bless

  3. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink!  I know… I have tried to witness and fellowship with family members numerous times.  In one ear and out the other!  We are all sinners and are not to pass judgement upon one another… but *ugh* when said individuals continue to make the same mistakes due to lack of knowledge and wisdom from up above.  So yeah… I understand your frustration.  (((((((comforting hugs)))))))     

  4. Noooo, I don’t believe that! 
    Susan….I’ve commented on your site, but I didn’t mean that comment for you. I meant it for the person that said it. Sorry for the mix-up.

  5. karen and I really admire the creative work you are doing with the flowers. We really appreciate how much you are helping Rachael prepare for the wedding. We are very grateful
    ( I was in a high school play called Headin fer a Weddng)(it was a comedy taking place in the foothills of Mo. or Ark)
    I played that part of a young child that was barefoot, didnt talk but just ran around during the play.

  6. Thanks, Annalissa and Arlina…..that’s a hard post to write, because I never want anyone to think that I in any way think we are just like God, but on the other hand, we are supposed to strive to be like Him. And I believe there is a lesson in every situation if we just wait for God to show it to us. I know a number of people who are rejecting what God says, and in turn, rejecting God himself.

  7. Thanks, Charles. I kinda wish y’all were down here and we could work on some things together, but I know that would be rather difficult for you guys. But if you are going to be down here several days before the wedding, then y’all can definitely help put up decorations. We are currently being overrun with decorations! But it’s all fun….stuff I like to do. Rachael is going to write down everything the way she wants it so anybody that is helping decorate will know just what to do.
    This week is “Bridal Blowout” at Hobby Lobby. All bridal stuff is 1/2 off!! :goodjob: :laugh:

  8. Hello!! I noticed you visited my site(s) awhile back, and I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Tiffany, and my hubby’s name is Vasilios (but we call him, Bill )… We have known eachother since we were 12 & 13, and have been married since April 12, 2005!! I love him so much!  Drop by my sites and say hi if you would like. We love the visits! God bless you!

  9. God’s Way is Right, and Good, a Way of Blessing and Peace… Holy and what makes us Whole…HE warns us where there is danger. HE teaches us all we need to know to accomplish the Good things HE created us to do and be. We feel HIS pleasure when we walk in HIS Right path.HE allows the natural consequences of our own wrong choices to help us in the future to remember HIS Right ways. HE sends hardships when we won’t listen – when we turn our back to HIM and “make claims on HIS future forgiveness” fooling ourselves that HIS Nature is a passive, serving god.When we continue to choose evil and harden our hearts against HIS Love and Goodness, sometimes we come to the end of our lives and find out that HE never knew us and we must depart from HIS presence eternally… but it isn’t HIS Will… HE wants to draw us all to HIS Love.It’s good to pray for one another. It’s good to pray for the lost, the deceived, the hardened, the self-seekers. God plants each one of us in a field that is ‘white for harvest’. I’m thankful that HE made a way of fellowship across the miles!Love you dear sister.Touching post.

  10. I wonder how God feels when Christians worry and fret instead of putting all our faith in Him.
    I’m sure that makes Him really shake His head at us. As humans, it’s a natural thing to be concerned about the way things are going in our lives. I don’t think that bothers Him. It’s the constant worry and feeling that nothing will work out, that I’m sure makes Him sad.

  11. Thank you, Suzanne. I agree. And it’s hard to watch someone make those wrong decisions, when you KNOW what the outcome will be. Just like the friend I spoke of……..her daughters’ lives have really been messed up, and I think that’s a big part of the price she is paying for not listening to what God was saying.
    Standing back and watching someone destroy themselves is like standing outside a house fire, knowing they are in there, but you cannot save them. They won’t jump out that window like they have been advised. There is a safety net, but they cannot see it. And you just have to watch them die. Sooo frustrating.

  12. :heartbeat: I have never thought of it that way … “a friend rejecting you compared to people rejecting God” … that’s an awesome thought!  I will be thinking about that one today!
    Thank you for praying for my friend’s family .. I will tell Danny that their are others who are praying for him .. I am still in shock over it … she was precious, Cindy!  It’s the kind of death that really makes you stand back and think about your own life …
    Everyone I have talked to so far that was close to her has said the same thing … I really believe that some lives are gonna be changed for the good because of her death …
    Have a blessed day my friend!
    Love to you!

  13. Hi, Connie….and we will be praying for the rest of you, too. I know that’s a shock. I have a friend who had knee replacement surgery back in 1999, and she nearly died because a bloodclot went to her lung. She was in intensive care for a couple of weeks. I wish they could have made Charlene’s diagnosis earlier and put her on Coumadin. Constant leg pain and swelling always makes me think of blood clots.

  14. ryc: Sorry.  It appeared to me that you did not read my entire comment, I apologize.  That has to be the first time that I have ever been wrong…..No, wait, there was one other time…..

  15. Wow, that was very good!
    I think this scripture gives a pretty good idea of how “sorrowful” our Lord is at our rejection of him.  This scripture and several following it give very vivid pictures of how both our Savior and his Father felt. 
    Isaiah 53:3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

  16. :wave: Cindy – I’ve been away from my computer most of the day. 😦 Lots of snow, & my student has to come from a rural area about 1/2 hour away, so her mom (& I agreed) called a “snow day”! 🙂 So I wrote a couple of checks to pay bills, and then I got some stuff together —  and Mike & I got our taxes done! :yes: Yea! :goodjob: (Not my favorite activity … on a scale of 1-5 — it would probably be a 1.5. 😆 —- I wanted to comment on your post! Great post, & thanks for much food for thought! :goodjob: {{{{hugs}}}} Carolyn

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