b1457284 Tomorrow morning I am taking Rachael’s friend, Heather, to the doctor. She is the receptionist at the animal hospital where Rachael works, and is supposed to be the matron-of-honor in the wedding. Heather is pregnant and due May 31. She now has gestational diabetes and toxemia. Not good. She had toxemia with her son, Zach, and he was born at (I believe) 26 weeks. That’s 3 weeks earlier than our daughter (also Rachel) was born. Zach is fine now, but Heather does not want to have this little girl too early. She won’t go till May 31 at this rate, though. She is now having chest pains and feels faint a lot. It’s not a good thing for her to go by herself out to the Texas Medical Center, which is about a 20 minute drive from here (on a good day!) They believe this baby may also have Downs’ Syndrome.

So Heather needs prayer. Lots of it.


Ecross12 Easter is coming up soon. And I’ve been thinking again.

Have you ever really thought about how Mary felt as she watched soldiers nail her son to the cross? I’m sure we would all agree that it made her sad. But I don’t think sad covers it adequately. Put yourself in her place.

Moms, when you look at your sons, you can probably still see that baby you gave birth to. You can picture him at every stage of his life. I can just imagine that Mary could see all these things about Jesus. Laying him in the manger. Nursing him. Helping him learn to walk. Watching him learn to build things as a carpenter. Teaching in the temple.

I cannot imagine having to stand there and watch as my son had nails driven through his hands and feet to hold him to a cross. Not that he was recognizable as her son, since he was beaten to a pulp. Listening as bones broke and seeing the blood spurt out. Seeing every time he struggled to take a breath. Watching as he died slowly while hanging on that cross. The soldiers might as well have torn her heart out. It probably wouldn’t have hurt any worse.

I have an aunt who passed out once, just watching the nurses take blood from her daughter. I don’t think she could have handled watching her son being nailed to a cross (this is the mother of Ross – my cousin who is in Afghanistan). God must have given Mary strength completely beyond what we can ever hope to understand, just to make it through Jesus’ crucifixion.



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  1. :goodjob: Good post, Cindy. :yes: It really makes me think of things with a fresh approach.  And that is good . . . because it makes me consider HIM more & what HE did for me. :love: Thank you. {{{hugs}}}

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