Read the story on Arlina’s blog. It’s really good.

Not much to say right now. Maybe later. I’m just washing clothes. I have to run to the grocery store when I pick Beth up from work. Fortunately it’s right across the street from CVS.

I wish I could get this house clean. There is so much to do, and it just depresses me more when I look around.  You can’t even tell I’ve done any cleaning at all because there is still so much to be done. And it is impossible to get rid of all the sheetrock dust.  


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  1. Don’t ya just love being under construction! :wha: 😉
    I know what you mean about the lack of scenery…but at least you’re a lot closer to the Gulf than we are…a day at the beach isn’t that far from y’all.
    Have a great day…and remember, it will get better! :sunny:

  2. :love: Our homes will never reach “perfection”… that is impossible on the earth.The people (and adopted critters) in the home… they are the important ones. You place the importance where it belongs.Thank you for your comment. I have read “Every Man’s Battle”. Perhaps, I need to read the one for women :goodjob: Thank you also for your prayers. Things are moving in a positive direction. Scott is considering going to church with me tonight. I will let you know if it actually happens.Blessings on you and yours dear friend!

  3. Just random props…I was reading your profile and was so touched by your reference to your daughters passing. Being promoted is an awesome way to look at it…Thank you so much for helping me realize that!

  4. Hi, Suzanne…..thank you. I’m not even looking for perfection (I’d never get it anyway!)…..just clean and not so cluttered. Clutter in our house is a given, since I collect antiques, but now there’s LOTS of wedding stuff…..stacks and stacks of boxes. As soon as I get the other alter arrangement finished, I can take those down to the church and lock them up in our Christmas decoration room. Tonight I am going to work on getting the desk cleaned off.
    The critters are meowing to go outside, but I cannot let them. Legally, they are not supposed to be outside. There are a couple of them that I know will not go out of our yard or the neighbor’s yard, so I will let them out a short time tonight. But the 2 that got caught…..I’ll probably never be able to let them out. They wander.

  5. Hi, Loni…..I have seen you on some other sites. Glad you came by. I read what you said on your latest post, about words having power – definitely. Even us Southern Baptists believe that :laugh:  I don’t know what you said to tick off those ladies (on infertility), but the bottom line is we have to respect each other’s opinions – they have to respect yours and you theirs – even if both think the other is wrong. I have had infertility problems and was on medication when I conceived my daughter, Bethany. I certainly believe God can heal, but I also believe that one of the ways is through doctors. BTW, my other daughter’s death didn’t have anything to do with that. She contracted Group B strep before birth, and lived less than a day.

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