b1457284 I thought maybe some of you would enjoy these videos. Scroll down quickly because they start as soon as you click on them. I first saw these when Ethan was in Iraq.

Operation Iraqi Freedom “We Support You”

Operation Enduring Freedom “Until Then”

The Vietnam War “To Our Parents 

The Korean War “Freedom Isn’t Free”

Yes, I know….I should be asleep. But I can’t sleep.

I’ve added some more videos:

Already There 

Red White & Blue

F18 Ride


Image hosting by Photobucket


Image hosting by Photobucket


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  1. Sleeplessness always seems to have a reason…I hope you will find time to give your body the rest it needs today.I watched the first one and saved the bookmark to watch the rest later… thank you for sharing these. Hope your day goes well. :sunny:

  2. Cindy, I was awake around 4:30 too.  I’m EST.  Are you PST or MST or ?  Did you go back to sleep?  I lay in bed for about an hour before drifting back off and got up about 6:30.  Have a lovely day!

  3. Are you PST or MST     We are Central Standard Time. I just stayed awake for a while and decided I would use that time to pray. I finally went back to bed around 4:30 and slept very late today.

  4. I’ll be back when I have time to see all of the videos. My crock pot calls! (not crack pot, Cindy! :lol:) — Hope you did finally get to sleep last night…:sleepy::yes::love:

  5. RE: VIDEOS — All I can say is WOW! :heartbeat:– God please be with our men & women — over in the war zones. Protect them & bless them, & their families & other dear ones, as well. Amen:love:

  6. so sad my internet connection here at home is so slow.. cant check the videos :(RYC: thanks for sharing a part of your life cindy.. i really appreciate it.. hope this will be the start of a lasting friendship…  thanks for being so open..:littlekiss:whats the the unrelated strange xanga name of your son.. maybe i can visit him also.. i already met your hubby and your daughter… i guess its time to meet your son.. :phave a blessed day.. ingatz lagi

  7. Hi, Melai…..Brandon’s Xanga is “kopfjaeger”. And his fiancee, Rachael, is “sweetheart011982”. I guess his is unrelated because he didn’t want anybody to know he belongs to us 😆

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