Thought I’d pass on some pictures to people who might like them.

This one is for Holly:   30  And this is for Bethany:  dhfw34 

For those who don’t go to Connie’s site, here are some I liked that she had. She puts them up to share. They also can be found on “”. And sorry to those who have a loved one in the Coast Guard. When I went to, I did not find a Coast Guard blinkie. Maybe somebody can make one. You can find lots of good stuff here.


For those whose other half is military:

z29738175    z29738212    z4542811    z4095341  

 z4607134         tilltheyallcomehome       usa 

Just a note to any Airmen who might see this…..yes, the airman sign is just a hair smaller than the others. Get over it!  



11 thoughts on “

  1. :goodjob:I love your post!! By the way my brother is a nurse now–he had broke his neck — six places-this was over 10 years ago. He became a nurse couple years ago. His wife recently finished school for EMT and son is a physical therapist–used the bad for something GREAT.:spinning:

  2. I like that!! I had a teacher try to tell me that nurses were crummy and that I should be a Doctor and I said, “well if there were not nurses then Doctors might actually have to work!!” LOL any way I like the flip-flop one too!!ThanksHOLLY

  3. Thanks for the nurses gif.  I’m not nursing any more because being a NaNa was far more rewarding (at least for me)
    Glad Heather and baby are doing well. 
    I’ll write an update soon regarding my last protected post.  I do believe that the possibly of physical danger for my daughter and granddaughter is very real.

  4. I like the flip-flop one…my daughers would wear them year-round if they could.  I personally wear tennis shoes from the time I get up until I got to bed.  I want my feet covered and protected…I know, I’m weird. :p

  5. 😆 Bethany wears flip-flops all the time, and goes barefooted at home. She wears flip-flops even in the winter. For Christmas, I decorated 2 pairs of flip-flops for her. If she’s gonna wear them, they might as well be a little dressier! But I wear sandals even in winter, too, unless it’s just way too cold. I guess she takes after me….probably in too many ways!

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