b1457284 Go here and read Gabe’s post. Beth had it linked on her page. It’s good.

The most amazing thing has happened from Bethany’s “stalking”.   I told you she had found some old friends. One is our former pastor’s daughter, AL. They were good friends and were even baptised together. AL turned 20 last October and Beth is right behind her – she turns 20 on May 4.

I relayed a message to AL’s mother and AL said her mother was excited to hear from me. She gave me her email address and phone number. A couple of nights ago, I sent JA a long email, and last night I got a long one back. I wrote again. When I got up today, there was another from her, so I wrote her a book back.  (Some of you know I can write very long emails, but I won’t mention any names! One of you even complains about it   But I’ve backed off some on those emails. How am I doing? It’s been difficult.) So we have been emailing back and forth. I have really missed JA, and I knew leaving our church 12-1/2 years ago was very difficult for her.

So we are re-establishing an old friendship and I am very excited about it. There’s so much we need to talk about. 

OK, now I just had a shock. I was going through my site meter, looking at where people were checking my blog from. One was from Latvia, and another was from India. So I looked further at the one from India, and they had done a Google search on “picture intercourse between couple”.   YOU AREN’T GOING TO FIND THEM HERE!! (However, I can tell you about some blogrings I’ve seen!) I had done a post last week that contained the word “intercourse”, and I had also mentioned some pictures of other things, so I’m sure that’s how I got that hit – from those 2 words. Interesting…..

By the way, Site Meter lets me go to their actual Google Search page. We won’t even go into what else came up on that search.


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  1. :wave:Hi, Stopping by to say hello. I smile at your post. I am trying not to hyperventilate right now–heard from my daughter in Nashville, TN and they are in a tornado warning right now. :eek:Wish this stormy weather calm down. Take care, Sharon in GA:)

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