Here is the funeral notice for Walter Moss, from the Houston Chronicle:

Moss funeral info  


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  1. 😥Thank you for sharing this. I just heard on the Atlanta news that a solider from Georgia (Pickens Co) has been killed. I have not found any more information about this–I’ll post when I do. Thank you again, Sharon

  2. Cindy, a friend of ours son served in Iraq for a long time and is just now back in the states.  Everyone is so glad that he made it home safely when so many did not.  😦
    We all need to remember to pray for them all. 

  3. Ricky, you are very welcome. I thought about going to the funeral this morning and taking pics for those of you who could not be there, but it did not work out. I may go out to the cemetery later and take pics of the headstone. When I do, I’ll post it.
    Thank you, Melai. That was very sweet. Y’all go and see the card that she sent. The link is in her post.
    Mrs. B….you are so right. I’m afraid too many people go about their daily lives and forget to pray for our troops.

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