b1457284 Listen to Dr. Tony Evans’ program today. It talks about teaching children honor and respect. It’s very good. The lack of teaching the younger generations how to honor and respect parents and other authority figures is one of the biggest problems we have today. Many of our social problems would not even exist if children were taught to honor and obey. A lot of parents believe that they should cater to their children in order to have peace in their house. And I’m sorry to say that many Christians do that. But that’s not what the Bible says.

I’m going to put another link to Sharon today. She has some beautiful pictures of Mt. St. Helens.

I just went back to the website Sharon posted yesterday, and the Air Force Thunderbirds will be at our Wings Over Houston Air Show at Ellington Field in October. This air show use to be held in the middle of the summer…..in Houston. That was stupid. It’s still hot here in October, too, but the temps will be in the 80’s rather than the 100’s. When I was a child, Ellington was an Air Force Base. Many of our church members and the kids I went to school with, lived there. My aunt even married an Air Force guy, as did many of the girls in my church.  This is a picture of them when they got married. Aunt Martha was 18 and Uncle Gerald was 23. My parents are the attendants, and they had gotten married about 6 months before. My aunt and uncle now live in North Carolina, and are here visiting right now, so on Saturday, April 22, we are having a big family reunion. We don’t get to see them often. (And now, Ellington is where Brandon is taking his flying lessons. One Saturday, he was getting ready to land, but had to wait because 4 F-16’s were about to take off. I wouldn’t want to get in their way! I imagine the Cessna would lose   )


Last night we heard a strange squealing outside. I looked and our cats had cornered a little baby rabbit on the front porch. So I brought it in, and Rachael fixed a cage for it. We called it Thumper. But the bunny died today. We don’t know if it was just the stress, or if the cats actually injured it last night.


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  1. Cindy, I totally agree with you.  You have to start when they are very young.  If you do not have your children’s respect, then why should they obey you?
    RYC,  the brisket didn’t remind me of you because you resemble one!  But because you cook/roast/bake them!  :fun:

  2. :sunny: We have always taught the kids to say thank you, please, yes sir, no ma’m and so on!  I think they do pretty good in that area … I agree about teaching kids respect and honor …
    I saw the pics on Sharon’s site … beautiful .. I would Love to visit there!
    Poor bunny … 😦
    Have a wonderful day!!!

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