b1457284 Blinkies and pictures at the bottom.

Arrrrggggghhhhhh!!! I went to our extra freezer to get out the frozen dinner rolls. Well, at some point in time, the door had popped open and everything is thawed out!   So the bags of dinner rolls exploded.   I was able to salvage the dough because all the bags were in another bag, which contained most of the dough. So we are having loaves of bread for Easter, and a few rolls because I was able to put some of it in muffin pans. But I had just done lots of shopping and bought lots of meat, so guess who will be doing lots of cooking in the extremely near future?

  z30665447 We got to JoAnn’s about 9:00 the morning and got an entire fence done by early afternoon – 161 fence pickets. The neighbor behind her had paid to have that fence put up, but they did a terrible job, and there were gaps big enough for her dogs to get through. So we fixed that. Just let those dogs try to get out now  I’ll post some pictures as soon as Brandon gets through with my camera. He’s trying to outdo Justin with messy room pictures.

About 10:30, JoAnn, Bethany and I went to Lowe’s to get dirt to fill in around the fence, and then to the airport to pick up AnnaLeigh, who was coming home for Easter. She goes to college in Lubbock. We had such a good time. We laughed at stories Jo told of her escapades in the role of pastor’s wife at various churches.

JoAnn fixed lunch for us – ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, and chocolate pie. Mmmm……

Now, I have food to fix for our Easter dinner tomorrow, and about 2 loads of dishes to wash. And a song to practice for tomorrow.

And Ethan….you have a twin. I saw a guy at HEB yesterday that looked so much like you, I couldn’t believe it. He even walked like you. Yes, I notice those things. I told Beth I turned around and looked at him about 3 times and she said he probably thought I was checking him out.   I told her he had sunglasses on, so I couldn’t see his eyes. She said they probably looked Asian. She’s good.  

Thought I would share these blinkies for those of you who are married to someone in the military:

  truesoldier   thTheArmyHasMySoldiergif   thsupportmilitaryspouses

thpledge2theflagandmysoldier    thmil-wife6   dcuboots   th5 thLuvBDUs     thmilitarywives  army10   


And the picture you’ve all been waiting for……Brandon playing Tarzan. This is at JoAnn’s house this afternoon. That’s the fence we built in the background – about 80 feet of it.

Brandon on swing 4-15-06 


8 thoughts on “

  1. RYC — :wave:GIRL! THAT CAKE IS SO RICH!! :eek:YOU COME VISIT ME, & YOU CAN HAVE SOME OF IT!! (I CAN ONLY EAT A LITTLE PIECE AT A TIME … IT’S CHOCOLATE SUICIDE! :laugh:  — Our experience with dogs … if they can’t go under it, can’t go around it, can’t go through it, (remind me of a song!:giggle:) … then they’ll go up & over it!! šŸ˜†

  2. Love the pictures!  I’m glad the fence is all up and you had a lovely lunch.  My mouth is all watering for ham now. šŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday, Cindy and Cindy’s family!

  3. Wow Baghdad looks more like what iwould expect Jerusalem to look like! Funny….
    Well I came by to wish you all a wonderful Easter day…
    (That fence looks awesome! We need to do that too…) :goodjob:

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