b1457284More pics added at the bottom………….. 

Tonight we have the Bible Study at church, and Beth has to work.

Then early in the morning, we are going to a family reunion. It’s about a 1-1/2 hour drive from here. We are going to the “Homeplace Farm” the place where my grandmother (Daddy’s mom) grew up. Her youngest sister still lives there in the house their father built after they moved here from Webber’s Falls, Oklahoma. That was about 1914. They moved here because this area was good for potato farming. My aunt’s name is Annie Mae Looper, and she is the last of 5 children in that family. This won’t be a full-scale family reunion like we have every few years. That’s when all the descendants of my great-grandparents get together, including some cousins from out of state. This time, we are having mostly the descendants of my grandmother, plus a few cousins who live in the area. My dad’s sister, Martha, who lives in North Carolina, is here for a visit and we wanted to get together. I haven’t seen her in almost 3 years.

Annie Mae never married. It’s not because she never had any offers. But many years ago, my grandmother told me that she would have married George, if he had not died in WWII. George was the brother of their sister-in-law, Hazel. Have I confused you yet? In a small town, there was often more than one marriage between 2 families. In another line of my family, 2 brothers married 2 sisters, so their children are “double first cousins”. Yes…in some places, my family tree doesn’t have all that many branches

So tonight’s Bible Study can’t go too late, because I have cooking to do tonight (and grocery shopping when I take Beth to work this afternoon). We are cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, brisket, and sausage. With all the trimmings. And we won’t forget the desserts. I’m making brownies and one sister is making cookies. My mother is probably going to make a “cookie sheet cake”. It is a sinfully rich chocolate cake baked on a cookie sheet, and drizzled with fudge icing. Mmmm……you can gain weight just thinking about it.

The place my great-aunt lives is in Iago, Texas. That’s in Wharton County, for those of you who are in Texas. It is still a working farm, although some of the younger family members are the ones that have to work it. My great-aunt is 83 now, and has rheumatoid arthritis so bad that her hands are all drawn up. Something for me to look forward to, I guess, since I have it, too. So does my mom. I’m adding some pictures of our last family reunion at Annie Mae’s house in July 2003.

OK, I know you’ve been waiting patiently for pictures, so here are a few from our Looper Family Reunion, July 2003 (Ethan, this is the one where we invited you to go with us “country folk”  ):

This is the opening page for our family reunion website, which never got finished (yes, the pic is supposed to be blurred, like you are looking through pebbled glass):


Here’s the gang where you can actually see them. This was most of the family – some from out of state could not make it, and of course, many had already died by this time. That’s Steve in the flag shirt and me sitting in front of him. Beth is right in front of me. These are descendants of Walter Theodore Looper and Nevada Louisa Abbott:

looperlcansmall cropped 

I guess the mailbox speaks for itself. Also, we released red, white and blue balloons for July 4. They are floating over the maize fields which surround the house. We use to also raise corn, cotton, alfalfa, soybeans, and a few others:

mailboxsmall cropped        balloons3small

 This my mom and Brandon. He is wearing her glasses. Yes…he’s goofy like that. But at least he doesn’t carry a purse!

Nanny and Brandon jul 2003 

Here’s Bethany (she was 17 then) and my aunt Carolyn:

Beth and Carolyn 

This is Annie Mae (my grandmother’s sister) and Rachael:

Annie Mae and Rachael Jul 2003 

This is the swing my dad built outside the back door. Behind it is the pecan orchard:

swing small 

This is the bell my dad mounted near the back door, to call everybody to dinner. The 2nd is me and my cousin, Lamar, discussing genealogy (what else?):

bell small   Cindy and Lamar 2 cropped

And…..this is my Aunt Martha (the one that lives in North Carolina now) and part of her family. Her youngest child and his wife and kids were not there that day. Uncle Gerald is the 2nd from left, and Aunt Martha is the 3rd.

bryans2 75% 

Go here to see a picture of Martha and Gerald when they got married in 1958. He was in the Air Force, and right after the wedding, he was transferred from Ellington AFB in Houston, to California. 

Ethan, I told you once about my  cousin – the one people thought was an adopted Korean baby. That’s her (Caye) in the red shorts. She has more Cherokee Indian than the rest of us (Gerald is quite a bit Cherokee), and looked Asian as a baby (not so much now). Since Uncle Gerald was in the Air Force, people assumed he was stationed in Korea and adopted a child there.



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  1. I think I am going. If Michael is going then I am going. LOL I am excited. This should be fun. How many people are going to be there? Are people flying into town for this or is it just a few people? Holly

  2. I think it is just going to be Nanny and Gran’s family (except I don’t think Tammy’s going), Martha and Gerald’s family except for Greg, Mike and Carolyn’s family, Annie Mae, and a few scattered cousins that live near Annie Mae (Sarah, David, Georgia, Jane)

  3. You have a very lovely family and the closeness/love you all have for one another is captured beautifully in each photo.  Thanks for sharing your Kodak moments Cindy… and may your weekend be SWEET!  (((((((hugs & prayer))))))) – – Annalissa

  4. Looks like a nice bunch of people. Hope you enjoy your time. I will email you about your question on my site. Hope that is okay. Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi, Angie….that’s perfectly ok :goodjob:
    Annalissa…..my family has its moments, but overall, they’re a good bunch. There’s an oddball or two (and I heard some of you out there saying that I’m the oddball. Hush  :nono:…..) We’ll have fun. Any time Beth, Rachael and Holly get together, it’s a hoot!  :yes:

  6. :sunny: that is so cool!
    I love family reunions … yours looks so Southeren Style!  I love it!
    We used to have ours at the Tyler Rose Garden in Tyler, Texas …  my dad’s side of the family!  I loved going there … the roses were in bloom and it was so beautiful …
    Everyone is pretty much gone, now … including my dad … makes me sad sometimes .. I guess us cousins could get together .. uhmmmm…. ya got me thinkin’!
    Have a great day!
    btw: Love the new profile pic!!!
    Hugs, Connie

  7. I noticed you commented on PrincessLTsaunt’s site that your husband is from Fairmont, WV.  What’s his name?  I’m from Fairmont (born and raised and still trying to get out!!!)
    Love the song on your site.  I know Rascal Flatt sang it before, but who is the woman?  It’s beautiful!
    God Bless you!!!

  8. :sunny: I just wanted to say Hello, I also saw your post on princessltsaunt.  I miss TX, we lived in Houston for 4 yrs. Would like to go back. We are in Ohio (born and raised), my aunts, uncles and cousins are from Paden City (near sistersville or moundsville?) I got my little chihuahua in Wharton Tx. Just reminescing I guess. Hope you have a great reunion, Take care. Nicole

  9. Cindy, that Home Place Farm is gorgeous!  I would love to live there.  Thank you for sharing all the pictures of your family.  There are quite a lot of you!  That’s a lot of food! 🙂
    I hope you have a wonderful time and take pictures to share with us!  Have a lovely reunion!

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