We got back from our family reunion at almost 8:00 tonight. It was a lot of fun – it always is with my family. We didn’t have nearly as big a crowd as the one 3 years ago, but still a good number. Here’s a few pictures. Bethany took a bunch of good ones with her camera, but it’s not digital, so she has to develop them first. Since she is the photo tech, she’ll probably do that Monday.

This is the house you saw in the previous pictures. My great-grandfather actually built a smaller house when they first bought this property, which is 75 acres. It is part of the original land grants from Mexico to Stephen F. Austin, allowing him to move 300 U. S. families to an area of Texas between San Antonio and the Brazos River. It was then still part of Mexico. My family bought it from the family of one of the “original 300’s”, and my great-aunt, Annie Mae, still has the paper proving it was part of the original land grants. My great-grandfather later built this house. The original house still sat on the property for years, and when my grandparents married in 1935, they lived in it.

house small 

This is my dad, Walter (right), and his sister and brother, Martha and Mike. Steve is behind Mike making bunny ears. Mike would do the same if he had the chance. He’s a cut-up. Mike was 13 when I was born, and he always tells me he should have smothered me in my crib when I was a baby. I give him just as much grief.

MarthaMikeWalter small 

This is Brandon (my son) playing my uncle Mike’s guitar. The guitar has a sticker on it that says “Made in Korea”. Beth wanted to send Ethan the sticker, since he, too, was made in Korea.

Brandon small 

This is Bethany (my baby ) and my cousin’s daughter, Randi. Beth will be 20 on May 4, and Randi will be 20 in December.

Beth and Randi small  

This is my youngest sister, Heather and my parents, Walter and Sherry. The second pic is Brandon and Rachael (his fiancee).

HeatherMammaDaddy small   BrandonRachael

My sister, Laurie (with husband Ricky behind her) and my uncle, Gerald.

Laurie,Ricky,Gerald small 

And finally, my uncle Mike and his oldest son, Robbie. Robbie will be 41 in 2 weeks, but already has 2 grandchildren. The newest was born last week.

Mike and Robbie small  

When Beth gets her pics developed, I’ll see if there are some others I can post. Today was fun, but I am exhausted.


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  1. Looks like you had a great day! :sunny:You should sleep well tonight! :yes: Such good looking “kids”! šŸ™‚ Beth’s face should be on a cameo pin . . . she really is a beauty! :heartbeat:

  2. That’s a beautiful house. I love family reunions. There are a bunch oh okies in my family. My grandpa and grandma brought their whole family, (9 living children, some in-laws and several cousins) out here from Oklahoma in a truck loaded down with all their belongings in the traditional grapes of wrath fashion during the dust bowl. We have the guitar bunch that sit in the corner and break out all the old hymns my grandparents taught them while growing up. Singing was cheap entertainment back then and my grandparents had little money but lots of love. I love hearing all the old stories told over and over again.

  3. Marsha, that’s what we started singing – some old hymns. I heard Mike and Caye singing Amazing Grace, and of course, I had to join in. We’re a musical family.
    Carolyn….thank you. I think she’s gorgeous, but then I have a rather biased opinion! :giggle:

  4. We had some amusing moments today. Brandon, Michael and Justin were playing baseball and repeatedly lost the ball in the cow pasture across the street. Not a pleasant thing to have to climb a barbed wire fence and dodge deposits in the pasture to find a baseball. And Brandon chased Beth down to put ice down the back of her shirt (she started it, though). But we had to laugh at the story my cousin, Caye, told about her brother’s son, Noah. Noah is 5. When his grandpa, my Uncle Gerald, was in the hospital, Noah told Aunt Martha that he was scared. She asked him to tell her what things he was scared of and they would pray about it. She told him about my grandparents and how they trusted God, and several other older family members that had gone on to Heaven, and their trust in God. Noah said, “Yeah….and they’re DEAD!”
    How do you answer that?

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