This is why we have to refill the front yard fountain so often. The first thing Honey does in the mornings is head for a drink.
Check Beth’s last 2 posts Singing4God8692 for more animal pictures and a slide show. And no, the airmen in the slide show are not the animals I’m talking about   
Honey fountain 3  
Honey fountain 2 
5:00 p.m.: I got home about 4:15 from running errands. And my blood pressure is way up.
I went to the bank to make a deposit, and to get a form notarized. I was so aggravated that I had to do that. At the church we have a dumpster. Well, after years and years of having one, I find out that the city of Houston requires a permit for anything at least 2 yards in size. Grrr…we have a 2 yd dumpster. So I sent in the application and fee, but forgot to get it notarized. They sent it back. Now, the Houston Police Department accepted 3 applications from me for alarm permits for 3 church properties with no notarization of my signature. But the Waste Management Department has to have it notarized. Steve says there must be a lot of dumpster fraud going on.  The city says we have to have a permit because of the number of dumpster fires they have. Now how is a permit going to prevent a dumpster fire?  (I know, I know….I’m missing the point, but the City of Houston is missing some brain cells.)
So, this morning a city inspector wanted to know where our permit was. I said it was right here on the desk, because the city of Houston sent it back because apparently I am not me without that little stamp that says I’m me.   Well, banks have notaries, and since I had to go to the church’s bank anyway, I thought I’d just get it notarized there. And I did, but not without an argument. Our own personal bank, which is a large, well-known national chain, will notarize for free if you are a customer. Not so with the church’s bank. They wanted to charge. They are also a chain, but apparently not as well off.
First, he tried to tell me that it was a personal notarization, eventhough the church has an account there. I told him no, it was in connection to my responsibilities at our church. We don’t need a dumpster at home. Then he asked me if I was a signer on the church account and I told him yes. I gave him the account number so he could look it up to make sure. And he did. But I don’t know why he did, because the bank’s policy was to charge anyway.
They told me if I was a senior citizen (which in their book is 55), I could have it notarized for free. He, this kid of every bit of 22 or 23 said, “I don’t know whether you consider yourself a senior or not…”  I should have just slapped him then. I told him I had 6 more years to go. Then he said, “Well, just this time, I’ll waive the fee and do this for nothing.” Bless his little heart. He notarized the application, and I thanked him, but I did tell him that next time I would go to my own bank where they will do it for free BECAUSE I AM AN ACCOUNT HOLDER!! 
Then I had to go to the post office to get some things in the mail. Afterwards, I stopped at HEB to get a few groceries that I forgot the other day. Loaded and unloaded 3 bags of animal food of approximately 20 lbs each, 5 12-packs of cokes, 2 24-packs of bottled water, and various other groceries, by myself. I am tired.
And as I’m sitting here typing and trying to get my blood pressure down, something else goes wrong. We have a basket sitting on the window sill by the desk, full of various battery chargers. Chargers for Steve’s drill, my drill, and batteries for the digital camera. Our sweet little kitten, Taz, just threw up all over the battery chargers. *sigh*
It’s just gonna be left over enchiladas for supper tonight.





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  1. I know it’s not really funny, but your post made me laugh!  My blood pressure would be up to if I had gone through all that in one day.  All I can say is Praise Jesus I live in small town.
    Yep, you are right I do look like my Momma, only she is sweeter than me:laugh: Blessings to ya

  2. RYC:  I know that trackers show where you are from because I have 2 of them on my site as well… I just did that for people who come to my site from other peoples sites that I don’t know and I have several people a day come to my site from other peoples sites that I don’t know.  I have also learned on some trackers that they don’t tell the proper town… for instance… people who access websites from AOL show up as Reston Virginia even though they aren’t in Reston…. they are all over the US!  On some trackers I show up as my town that I live in but on other trackers I show up as the town in which my internet is based in and they are two totally different towns! 

  3. Breathe in and breathe out girl… *taking deep breaths right along with you*  I’m with you… how the heck is a “permit” going to stop a “dumpster fire”!!!  If the city officials would take two seconds to get their heads out of their butts they’d make that connection as well.  Until then… I wouldn’t hold my breath, nor should you.  I would’ve helped you with the groceries and made dinner for the family because just hearing about the day you’ve had (and you actually lived it)… oh woo woo sweetie!!!
    (((((((comforting hugs & prayers of peace of mind)))))))
    – – Annalissa

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