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Well, today is 27 years since our first date. We went to the beach on  Saturday of the 1979  Memorial Day weekend, which was May 26. Steve didn’t think I’d go with just him, so several people were invited to go to a friend’s beach house on Saturday, for volleyball, swimming, and grilling hamburgers. It was a lot of fun. Some of those friends (all from work) were the ones trying to get us together as a couple. It worked. (Shhh….they didn’t know I was already interested, so don’t tell them.) I’ll see if I can get some pictures scanned of that day, and add them later.

We are getting ready for a  friend from church to come tomorrow and help us get some major work done here. There is so much we need to do, and Steve doesn’t have the time or energy to do it by himself, or even with me helping. So Mark is giving us his Saturday. We will work on the pool tomorrow. Pictures to come later.


Steve has added another part to the study of the flood in Genesis.




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  1. :giggle:
    Hey you’ve made it this far haven’t you?  *thumbs up*  Thanks you two for being such EXCELLENT role models & Happy 27th. Anniversary!!!
    (((((((lotsa hugs & love)))))))
    – – Annalissa 

  2. Congratulations..ya’ll are about 1 year ahead of my hubby and I.  Thanks for the the comment on my site.  It would be great to just get together and tell crazy church stories.  I know this too will pass and I will be soooo…glad!  It’s funny that it is encouraging to me that other people go through this stuff too.  Makes me not feel alone. What would happen to all the other churchs if all the real workers got together at the same place.  That would be awesome!  I have never had anyone yell at me in front of 30 people and I honestly don’t know how I would act if they did.  WOW, that’s just crazy!
    Have a blessed weekend Cindy,

  3. What would happen to all the other churchs if all the real workers got together at the same place. 
    šŸ˜† Cynthia, what would happen if all the workers at the churches went on strike? Oh, wait, the rest of the people would just sleep in that morning like they already do šŸ˜†
    When she yelled at me, I just didn’t say much. She was yelling that she was going to leave the church. I told her to do what she felt like she had to do. And I walked off.

  4. I will gladly come clean your house.. Especially to get out of laundry. But it would be so unfair, I am sooo behind in laundry there is no way your house could be dirty enough to make it a fair trade…..LOL šŸ˜†
    Thanks for stopping by…. drop by anytime. :wave:

  5. You are so right.  It is probably a huge blessing she left.  She will find someone else to yell at I am sure, or maybe God will change her?  We can hope for that:lol:

  6. Are you remodeling? Upgrading?   Well, kind of both, along with major repairs that need to be done. We have several things to get done, and it’s way too much for Steve to ever get done by himself. So Mark is coming to help.

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