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Pepper is home!! 
A lady on the next street over called and asked if our dog was missing. Pepper was wearing a tag. We walked over to get her, and when she saw us, her tail started wagging fast. This lady had found her in the back yard with her dog last night pretty late, but didn’t want to call that late. Then she had to be at work at 7:00 this morning, so she didn’t call until she got home a short time ago. 
Thank you God. 
Here’s the escaped convict. She decided she wanted a nice, soft bed, so she pulled down a stack of afghans I had in a chair, and made that her bed. There’s usually a cat in her real bed.
Oh, by the way, she spent the night with a boy last night. *sigh* I tried to teach her better than that!
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Pepper small 



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  1. :goodjob:Glad to hear this! Okay, I’ll say it — no matter what time!! if my lovey is missing and has been found please CALL ME now! Okay, I said it. Anyways, I am happy about this. My cat was “stolen”. :(I always allowed Pooh to lay outside to warm itself in the sun. I noticed one day that a person had drove up in our yard — when it was for sale. I thought I notice the person picking up something? Well, later I discovered my cat, Pooh was missing. Take care please, Big Air Hug, Sharon:wave:

  2. Me, too, Gail. I was so afraid she was somewhere she didn’t recognize and was confused, or even hurt. The lady said that sometimes dogs get into her backyard because she has a dog, but then can’t figure out how to get out. Apparently her dog needs to teach them the trick to getting back out, because he knows how. He sometimes wanders the neighborhood. Now I know where he lives, when I see him out.
    Sharon, we had had so many cats disappear. The man who use to live across the street, hated cats, and I know he was killing them. I use to see him pour antifreeze along the edge of the street. Two of them died in my arms. There have been many who just disappeared. They are all my babies, and I grieve when they are gone. I worry that they could be suffering somewhere.

  3. Hello I am just dropping by to say hello. I was excited to someone so in love with the Lord. My name is Jess and I am engaged, and very happy! I was just dropping by. We love the LORD too

  4. Hooray that Pepper is found!  I can imagine how worried you must have been.  Everyone can sleep well tonight! :wave:

  5. I’m so glad that your puppy is back.  I know that feeling of fear when they disappear, but also the joy when they return.  I have a little long hair chihuahua who likes to sit in the dark of the back yard and not come when I call.  I can go in the yard with the flashlight and search the entire yard and never find him.  When I finally give up and think he’s gotten out of the yard then the next morning he’ll be sitting at the patio door just waiting for me.  It’s so cute how dogs have personalities just like little kids.

  6. Cindy I am so glad you got Pepper back. I call my little dog my sweet little baby boy dog cause I really l him:heartbeat: They are just part of the family for most of us.  I am sure you were so glad to see her that you weren’t mad at all, just relieved and thankful she is okay!
    Blessings, Cynthia

  7. :giggle: I figured it out. I grounded her but she also got a hamburger for supper :laugh: Kind of the equivalent of punishing your kids, but later hugging them to let them know you still love them, I guess.

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