This is neat. A picture from Google Earth of the

Houston National Cemetery.

Houston National Cemetery small  

I tried to post this earlier, but couldn’t get the link to work. The Patriot Guard Riders also visit troops in hospitals. Read this story.



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  1. :goodjob:Thank you for sharing this picture and THANK YOU for sharing the information about the Patriot Guard Riders! To be honest I hope we will be able to get another bike:spinning: to help out soon! Thank you and your husband very much! Sharon :eprop:

  2. Thats really neat…!!!!  It doesn’t show up much for my part of the state… its real blurry…  😦  But thats neat that you can see all of that stuff where you are at!!!

  3. Hi, Jami….the more developed the area is, the more clear it will be. If, for instance, you are out in the middle of nowhere or in small cities, it won’t be as clear. But over the big cities, it will be clearer. Steve just said it’s satellite photography, but over the metropolitan areas, it’s actually high altitude aerial photography. So that makes it clearer.

  4. I just zoomed in further on the cemetery, and you can actually see the rows of headstones. If you don’t know what it looks like, then you probably wouldn’t recognize them, but I do.

  5. 😥
    EMERGENCY!! I just found out!!! One my xanga friends in Iraq had died!
    The last I visited his site was May 15th. I noticed a couple of strange posts. To be honest at first I thought his girl friend had broke up with him. But then I looked at the other post and went to his site. That is when I FOUND OUT. I was his only xanga friend. Dear God this hurts and to be honest always been my fear. This is his site:
    His friends site: His-post

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006
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    Please let other xanga friends know this. Thank you, Sharon by the way thank your SON!~

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