I just found out my cousin, Ross, who was at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, has been sent further south to Kandahar. He’s the gunner on an Apache. He’ll be in more danger there.


Ross Hovey 

In “real life”, Ross is a police officer in Conroe, Texas, just north of Houston. He will be 36 on July 1.

Ok, it’s all Annalissa’s fault. On the way home from church tonight we stopped at Walmart, and I got M&M’s.



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  1. Hello, I am doing okay. Will be sure to keep your cousin in my prayers! By the way, I did get some plants, and flowers for a great price at Wally World. I plan to create a small memorial type garden. Oh, does Ross have a xanga site? If not, try to encourage this–maybe?? Take care, Sharon

  2. Wally World  :laugh:  I just came from there. What would we do without it? Stopped by on the way home from church tonight.  No, Ross does not have a blog. He’s just not really a blog kind of person šŸ™„ Thanks, Sharon.
    And TJ, thank you much for the prayers.

  3. Oh yeah…  I meant to tell you that I added some wedding pictures and a couple of honeymoon pictures on my slide show at the top of my Xanga if you are interested in looking at them…  šŸ™‚

  4. Ooooo….great, Jami….I’ll go take a look.
    Now Carolyn……I just told Jami that chocolate cures everything. I think it probably even cures cancer. In that case, we should eat it as a preventative. You just can’t take any chances. I’m doing this in the name of medical science! šŸ˜†  And they jumped into the basket instead of my hand. These are the mega-sized bags. :giggle:

  5. :wave:Thanks–by the way have you ever tried the M&M’s with peanut butter?? Yummy! Not sure if you noticed but on my latest video it shows a picture of a squad holding a Texas Flag. God Bless, Sharon

  6. :wave:But they do melt in your hand.    Not if you eat’em fast enough ~ OR IF YOU ARE WEARING WHITE GLOVES WHILE DAINTILY EATING THEM ONE BY ONE. (REMEMBER THAT COMMERCIAL L-O-N-G AGO!) :laugh:

  7. :yes:Joining with you in prayer for Ross…I wanted to drop by and let you know that I am helping our dear friend Connie with Heartbeat…And it will be my privilege to remind you of things related to this AWESOME ministry!  However, the added bonus is that I am looking forward to getting to know you better!!  In His amazing love and with many prayers, Paula:love::wave:

  8. spent over $300     Susan, that’s so easy to do! I just ran in last night and got a few things we needed and it was $88. If I had done some serious shopping, it would have really been expensive.

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