See Steve’s post today.

This is not the best picture, but this is one of the window decorations for the wedding. We have 14 stained glass windows, and one of these will sit in each. They are electric candles that Rachael can use to decorate for Christmas after the wedding. Go to this post to see pictures of the church.


I just ordered this rug for the living room. It is washable – just take it outside and hose it down. I love plush, oriental type rugs, or braided wool rugs, but in my house, it’s just not practical.

I ordered the “Bluefield”. My house is mostly blue. I would have loved “Navy”, but this navy doesn’t look very navy to me.




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  1. Thats a really pretty rug!! You sound like my mom… she likes blue..!!  πŸ™‚  When is the wedding??  Is Rachel living with you guys?  Anywho, hoping to get around to e-mailing later…  Joey is awake and running another fever and quite cranky still so off to tend to him.  *hugs*  Jami

  2. I thought maybe you had told me that but I wasn’t forsure if so or if I had dreamt that or what?!?!?!  Who knows… haha  Just wanted to make sure I hadn’t lost my mind! πŸ™‚  Hey.. when you came to my site.. did you happen to listen to the song?  I was wondering if it was working or not…  j/w…  Anywho, off to take Joey outside to play.  Jami

  3. I just wanted to drop by and ask to please keep my little man (DJ) in your prayers.  He is really not feeling good.  He is really not imself and I hate to see him like this.  thanks and have a great weekend! 

  4. :wave:Hi, I agree the Navy looks maybe like a β€œrose” color?:lookaround: But they all look nice. Please have a wonderful weekend! Many Hugs! :spinning:Thank you for everything, Sharon:eprop::eprop::eprop::eprop:

  5. Kema, Khema, ah heck, who cares?!?! lol  Its all the same thing to moi!! πŸ™‚  Thanks for the correction though.  I must go and fix that because it will drive me nuts knowing that I have it wrong!!!  Thanks for letting me know that my song was working.  Usually Joe would do all of that stuff for me so I’m trying to figure things out and it kept telling me that it was stored on my computer so only I would hear it… so I was extremely confused!!!!!!  AHHHHHHH  Fixing to get Joey to bed and try to e-mail.  Talk to you later.  Jami

  6. Oh hey, I totally just noticed the window decoration… HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!  Did you make that????  If so, you are quite very talented!!!  πŸ™‚  Ok, I’m off now… seriously!! πŸ™‚ 

  7. Nope, that navy is not navy.
    RYC, I have had more tests than I can count on my shoulder.  The only “itis” they found was a little arthritis.  One diagnosis that was given was left scapular dyskonesia which they think resulted after a bout with Parsonage Turner Syndrome which I never knew I had.
    The specialist said the what happened is that this “syndrome” caused an injury to my back under my left shoulder blade.  This occured approx. 4 years ago.  The muscles next to the injury tried to compensate, but grew weak themselves.  Then the next group did the same thing and so on and so on.  Until it moved around to my left clavicle area and those muslces weakened so much that when I raise my left arm straight out to the side and then straight up it made the shoulder socket roll forward and the bulge would occur over my clavicle.  That bulge has moved from the clavicle to the shoulder socket now so I’m hoping that is a sign of improvement.
    The hardest thing to deal with is the pain and limited strength.  I literally can barely pour a glass of milk with my left arm without it shaking.  One other activity (besides typing) that throws it into a lot of pain is sweeping.  I’m right handed so when I hold my broom in my right hand and then use the muscle group in the left arm and shoulder to sweep it will begin to burn.
    One other very odd association with all this is the migraines.  When I have these “spells” my left arm will go weak, extremely weak.  That is one way I can tell that one of these spells is going to occur, by my arm going weak.
    I’ve thought of checking to see if my insurance would cover the Mayo Clinic, but with my lifestyle I just don’t have the time.  I’m going to just keep pressing through the pain and trust the Lord that he will take care of it.

  8. RYC: Why yes, aren’t we supposed to try to stand on our heads to set the curls properly? :laugh: Very pretty decoration! All of the rugs are lovely, but I probably would have gone with the Bluefield, too.:goodjob: BTW – Is it just me? The only two of the rugs that look to be appropriately named are the Bluefield and the Harvest. :yes:

  9. Those pictures of the church are beautiful!!!  I can’t wait to see pictures after the wedding and how you decorate it!!!  I’m off to bed to attempt to get some sleep.  Joey has been waking up fussing throughout the night so we’ll see how well this works.  πŸ˜‰  Sweet dreams tonight!  *hugs*  Jami

  10. Pretty pictures, sounds like the wedding will be beautiful.  Is this the first of your children to marry?  Before you know it you will have grandbabies too! 

  11. I love the widow decorations it is so pretty and the church is beautiful!
    BTW love the rug but I agree navy does not appear to be navy …LOL

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