Today is the day we are supposed to take my dad flying to Galveston, then to the Lone Star Flight Museum, and then out to eat. The flight is scheduled for 2:00. It is threatening to pour down rain, though. If that happens, we will have to reschedule the flight, but we’ll go ahead and go to Galveston. I’m praying for no rain, but there’s a 70% chance.

I’ll post pictures later. But until then, here’s the airport  in Galveston, here’s the Lone Star Flight Museum, and here’s a similarplane  to the one they will be flying.

And I get to actually see Holly’s engagement ring up close today


Well, our plans were slightly altered today. There were terrible thunderstorms all around. We kept praying  that they would be able to fly, but God saw it differently. He apparently didn’t think it would be safe. The only thing that scares me about Brandon flying, is Brandon crashing. The instructor called about 40 minutes or so before time to take off, and said the flight was cancelled. But Brandon will fly next Saturday, and take my dad up with him.

We did go to the museum and then out to eat. When we got into the museum, we quickly discovered that the air conditioning was not working. No AC in humid, mid-90’s weather is not pleasant. But it didn’t slow my dad down all that much. Until the AC is fixed, if you want to see the museum, I recommend doing it in January.

After the museum, we went to Miller’s Landing to eat. It was nice – just a small diner type place. Sixteen fried shrimp with two veggies and bread for $10.99. Not bad.

I am tired. Here’s a few pictures.

The Blue Angels:

stuff 101  

This is a bank for donations to help restore more aircraft:

stuff 030  

A twin 50 cal. gun turret to be added to one of the planes being restored:

stuff 025  

An decoy missile on loan from the U S Air Force Museum:

stuff 122  

stuff 038  

My parents standing next to a 1941 Chevy pickup:


And a shot of the Gulf of Mexico as we drove along the seawall. Had to get that in, since we were in Galveston.

seawall 2   

Updated again..9:15…the instructor told Brandon the wind at all the airports was coming from different directions. They were worried about things like microbursts and downdrafts. But I just heard on the preview of the news that there was a tornado on the north side of Houston. I’m glad they didn’t fly. 



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  1. :yes:Galveston has always been one of my favorite places!  My husband, children and I used to slip off to go deep sea fishing there.  And now, my husband has discovered that he absolutely loves to cruise…And so, we cruise out of Galveston (or Houston) once or twice a year…
    Have a wonderful weekend!  We may get some much needed rain in this corner of Texas, too…We are desperately dry here…With much love, Paula:wave:

  2. Cindy,
    I hope your weather got better.  I know how much you all were looking forward to the day.
    Engagement ring! 😉
    RYC, men in skirts…  did you ever see Braveheart?  There were some awfully scary men wearing skirts in that movie! 😮

  3. Hoping all went well… it has poured rain here all day until about 3:30 or so…!!  Hopefully things were much clearer there!!  *hugs*  Jami

  4. :sunny:Wow! Praying you will be able to make this trip and safe! This plane is wonderful. By the way, my husband, aka tweetie– now wanting to go to this museum. I am keeping my fingers crossed? That he will pass his test on the 30th to get his pilot-license. :fun:Will be looking forward for your pictures. Take it Easy, Sharon in GA

  5. Sorry the flight plans got altered…but like you said God just didn’t have it in the plans today.  I love the picture of Gulf.  It as been a long time since we were down there.  Hope your Father’s day is great!

  6. Sounds like a good day, anyhow! 🙂 I loved all the pix; oh & btw ~ I love your custom module on the left, with all of your family.:goodjob: I especially enjoy the pix of you and Steve together! :heartbeat: Have a great Sunday! :sunny:

  7. We had a storm last night too, only it was mosty high winds and lots of thunder and lightning, but very little rain:wha: so sad for us we really need the rain in West Texas!  We went to Galveston on our honeymoon.  I would love to go there again. 
    Hope you are having a good Sunday.  Blessings!Cynthia

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