Updated: The bodies of the 2 missing soldiers in Iraq have been found. Fox News just said the bodies did show signs of torture. It is likely they were beheaded. Kristian Menchaca was from Houston. He was 23 and leaves an 18 year old wife, according to Monday’s paper. I cannot imagine being widowed at 18.
Just had to show you this before I went to bed. Steve was going to close the front door, and called for me to come see. There was a possum eating out of the cat food dish on the front porch. Tigger was keeping an eye on him. He looked up as I took the picture. This was taken through a glass storm door, so there are some reflections in the glass, and I couldn’t use the flash.


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  1. Why does life have to be so….  ugh…  I don’t even have a word for it anymore!!!  😡  😡  😡   This just makes me want to spit fireballs.  I will definately be praying for everyone involved in the death of the soldiers…  but especially the 18 year old widow…  all this time ppl said they wish they lived closer to me, now I wish I lived closer to HER!!!  Anywho, hope things are looking better there weather wise!!!!  I haven’t heard any updated news yet but I am fixing to turn on that radio station so maybe they will say something!!  **Hugs**  Jami

  2. Hi, Jami…..I have no doubt you could help this girl. You know what she will be going through. Life seems so unfair sometimes.
    The weather is better. This morning it was still raining, and there was a strong rain band getting ready to come through, but it has quit raining for now. But the sky is still overcast – no sun, just gray.

  3. That is too funny!  Our neighbors where we used to live had a cat and a racoon would eat the cat food each night! 
    Have a great day!

  4. I had heard about the soldiers on the news.  I hate it so much!  I hope the families know Jesus and I will pray for them.
    We get wild animals in our yard too, you just don’t think about it happening in an urban area, but I guess it was their area before!:wave:

  5. 😆 Yes, and we have a large field behind our subdivision. The drainage gutters in front of the house go into a large pipe that drains into a huge ditch in that field. The wild animals just get in that drain pipe and walk right up to the front our house. We have seen the family of racoons come out of the gutter. A mamma coon and her babies.

  6. I read that about the soldiers today.  That is so sad.
    Cute picture.  Guess he decided not to play possum this time.
    I haven’t heard of Axert, but my neurologist doesn’t give me the routine migraine medications.  When they diagnosed my migraines a couple of years ago when I was hospitalized for one that lasted nearly 4 days, they called it a complex migraine.  It paralyzed the left side of my body when it started.  Really weird.  I’ve been prone to pretty bad headaches for many years, but the past 2 years have been the worst.  I can pretty much recognize my body symptoms, exhaustion being the most common, that trigger them.
    It’s just so hard to slow down when I keep my 3 year old granddaughter 5 days (or more) a week.

  7. I was so very saddened by the news of the soldiers…
    And how are you?  Has the flooding affected you directly?  Praying for you, dear sister!  With much love, PAula

  8. its great photo… and it’s really so hard being widowed at 18…:(hello there Cindy… :wave: hope you’re having a great day with your family and friends…ingatz lagi.. God bless..

  9. I just heard about the soldiers today. 😦 I hate war! I know it may be necessary, but when I hear of the deaths, & think of those left to grieve and adjust . . . it’s so hard! I’m praying for the loved ones of these soldiers right now. ~  ~  Are things better there now? You had mentioned flooding just yesterday? I think. ~ ~ That is a really good picture!:goodjob:

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