Long post and lots of pictures. Today is the day Brandon took my dad up flying for Father’s Day. They didn’t get to fly last weekend because it rained. They flew to Galveston today. Daddy was just shy of having his pilot’s license when he had his first heart attack, and couldn’t fly anymore. But Brandon’s learning, so he took him up. Brandon said he had never heard my dad use the word “awesome” before, but he did today. Rachael took these pictures:

Coming back from their flight:

Cessna 172-2 cropped 

Here’s Walter (my dad), Brandon, and the instructor Al. This is at Ellington Field in Houston. It use to be an Air Force base.

Gran,Brandon,Al 2 cropped 


Well, I wasn’t going to post pictures yet, because there’s not that much to see, but I just took a few that I am willing to show you. The rest of the yard still looks terrible.

This is a short section of the new fence. There is an area about 14′ x 50′ behind it, for the dogs to play, and stay out of my flowerbeds. At least that’s the plan. I salvaged that Norfolk Pine from my neighbor’s trash 3 or 4 years ago. That’s her house peaking over the fence. She threw it out because it got too tall to go under her patio cover   It just seemed to me like the sensible thing to do would be move it out from under the patio cover.   That philodendron was in an identical pot as the pine, and it was so root-bound, roots were hanging over the top of the pot.

new fence

This is the walkway I am working on. You can see that Mr. Philodendron has one yellow leaf I need to remove. My son doesn’t like all my “stone” walkways (I have them in the front yard, too) or the fact that I use old bricks for flowerbed borders. My grandparents always used bricks for borders. It’s cheap (maybe that’s his point), and it’s recycling. So there, Brandon    These bricks use to be a wall inside the house.

Here are some things I plan to plant in the new flowerbeds. I took pictures of some of the plants in the front yard. We’ll start with caladiums. The red caladiums are planted in a galvanized washtub. I like to use things like that to hold plants.

green caladiums


And a blue plumbago:

plumbago 2 

Then I want to add Vincas:



And airplane plants (sometimes call spider plants):


And yes…this is something I just love. I want whole flocks of them around the pool.


We had pink flamingos in the back yard, but the dogs ate them.   It looked so funny to see Pumba running around with a flamingo in his mouth. Here are 3 of our puppies:

Pumba and Timon:

Pumba Timon

And Curley. She was named Curley, because they are part Chow, and her tail was the curliest of the 6 puppies in the litter.


I’m not showing you the area where the pool will be until the pool is there.


I have been reading Sue’s (wolfpacwife14) online genealogy information. We have tons of surnames in common in our families. And our maiden names are almost the same – just one letter different. I think I’m actually suffering from genealogy overload now.

Today is my sister, Tammy’s birthday. She is 47. So if your are reading….Happy Birthday. Carolyn, I sent her the space alien birthday video that you posted  There was a lady in our church when we were little, whose birthday was the same day as Tammy’s. Her name was Irie Cox. She told us her birthday was the same day, but she was a little older – like 60 years older, to be exact.



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  1. Those plants are so beautiful!!!!!!!!  I love plants…! 🙂  The pink flamingo made me laugh… lol  For the longest time, I wanted to do a beachy theme in the house…  and I saw some decorations with pink flamingo’s on them and wanted them and Joe would NOT let get them…  he said it would look stupid to have them where we live because we are so far from a beach! haha  So I had to laugh when I saw it.  Not because you have it but just because it made me think back to that moment.  🙂  Anywho, off to put Joey to bed.  Talk to you later.  Jami

  2. We’ve had so much fun laughing about pink flamingos. I know a lady in Florida who woke up one morning and found her yard covered in pink flamingos. People also go around and steal them. We know some people who collect them. People bring them pink flamingos from everywhere. I think they are so cute by the pool. Steve never has wanted me to put them in the front yard. He thinks it’s kinda low class. But I have that one hiding behind a tree in front anyway. You can’t see it from the street. 😆 I even have a string of lights – like white Christmas lights – that have pink flamingo and palm tree covers on them. They are on the deck in the back yard.

  3. :spinning:Hello, Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. The heat has been attacking the flowers I am attempting to keep alive. I am so glad your father had a great flight. My husband is “suppose” to take his flight test next Saturday~~~to get his license. Take Care and have fun with the flamingos — they are used as a way to raise money for a church around here — you have to “pay” to get the flock of the flamingos removed out of your yard. 😆

  4. Your plants and flowers are beautiful!  It is going to be a lovely retreat sanctuary for your family when it is finished.  I love rock walkways too!  I have a couple by my perennial garden behind our pool.  Unfortunately my flowers don’t look as pretty as yours as my husband keeps me on a pretty strick watering budget.  Our water is extremely expensive:(  I watered my flowers on our deck by the house tonight and he told me “It just rained the past two days!  They don’t need water.”  My comment…”Then why are they wilting?”  Lol…men!  I try to be reasonable since we are on major cutbacks as hubby calls it with his loss of income. 
    I was going to tell you about the Flamingo fundraiser that some youth groups do, but then I read where somewhere else alluded to it.  It’s pretty funny actually.
    As for the Melungeon research, my knowledge of it is pretty limited.  It would be interesting to uncover some in our family tree though.  I do have a great grandfather whose second wife was a Cherokee Indian.  The way everyone intermarried back then it would not surprise me to discover Melungeons also.  I think the Rector married into the family on the Powell side.  A Powell married a Rogers and their son married a Rector.  My paternal grandmother was a Powell.  Oh, the stories you learn in genealogy.  I have a great grandfather who shot and killed a sheriff.
    Well it’s 1:00 a.m. and I am off to bed!  Have a great Sunday!

  5. :yes:Beautiful pictures of a beautiful yard!!!!!!!  I am impressed!!!
    And I also wanted to leave you a friendly reminder that HeartBeat Monday is upon us yet again…Please let me know if you need anything!  With much love and many prayers, Paula, Your HeartBeat Purple Leader–check out the Heart Beat Purple blogring, if you haven’t already done so!:love:

  6. Cindy,
    Did you get a picture of your dad’s face after they landed?  I bet there was a BIG smile on it. 🙂  What a wonderful treat for your dad and son too.
    Thank you for sharing all the pictures.  (Your dogs look a bit scary but thankful they are not cats!) lol
    I love your path and all your flowers.  It must be lovely to sit outside when the evening is cooler and just enjoy the scenery.

  7. Gina, there is not a picture of my dad’s face, but Brandon said he was grinning ear to ear! When they landed, he said he wanted to go again :laugh: So I told Brandon he has to set up a rotation schedule for flights – Rachael wants to go, my 2 nephews want to go, Daddy wants to again…..I wonder if he could charge, and pay for his flight lessons this way? :wha:  :lookaround:
     (Your dogs look a bit scary but thankful they are not cats!)   😆  😆  😆
    When the evening is actually cooler, I’ll let you know how it is to sit out there. That will be about November. In the summer here, it’s still in the 90’s even after the sun goes down. ðŸ™„ In the meantime, it’s nice to stand at the back door and look out at the yard…..from the nice air conditioning! :giggle:

  8. …”Then why are they wilting?”  😆 Amazingly enough, we really have not had to water all that much so far. But the hottest part of summer isn’t even here yet. 

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