We’re off to the church workday. See ya’ later.
sparkle flag sparkle flag sparkle flag sparkle flag sparkle flag
Update 5:20 p.m.: We are home. We had some minor work to do at the church workday. Then after lunch of brisket, potato salad, chips, beans, fresh strawberries, bread and ice cream (we feed our people good!), we decorated the fellowship hall for July 4. We have a dinner after the morning service tomorrow.
We are allowing a small Spanish church to use part of our property until they grow large enough for their own facility. They had a wedding today, so we let them use our sanctuary. After the wedding, we decorated in red, white and blue. Their church is joining us tomorrow for our special patriotic service.
On the way home, I stopped and bought a new outfit to wear tomorrow, went to HEB to get food for tomorrow, and to CVS to pick up medicine. I have absolutely no energy left.
It is raining and is supposed to rain through Tuesday. So we are not doing to much work outside.
Rachael is still at work, Beth went to Walmart after work, and Brandon and Steve are playing Risk.
It is hot here in Texas in the summer. But I got an email from my cousin, Ross , this morning. He is in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He said it is 130 degrees there. He spent most of his birthday flying in an unairconditioned Apache helicopter. We have it good, even in the summer.
red fireworks red fireworks red fireworks  



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  1. I hope you Patriotic Church service goes well!  We are visiting yet another new church tomorrow, new in the sense that we have never attended a morning worship service there before.  I hope they also do something for Independence Day.  Our two oldest children are born on the 4th of July!  3 years, 2 hours, and 1 minute apart!  We have been sharing birthdays with America for 28 years now!  Please keep us in prayer as I believe we will be making a return visit tomorrow evening to our home church which is also the church from which Doug just resigned from in January.  I know it has been 5 months but the first trip back inside the doors of the church and not being the pastor will be oddly strange I believe.  It is not like we don’t see some of the people every week at the church’s softball game since they recruited Doug to continue to play with the team…but still.
    Praying for you and your family, Sue

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