Well, on to better things than trolls. I’ve been working on pew bows for the wedding. Five down and 19 to go 

pew bow close 1 

pew bows

Back to work.



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  1. Thanks, Jami. :heartbeat:
    I’ve been on the phone because our security company for the church called and said our alarm was going off and indicated glass was breaking. Our pastor, his son, and the youth minister checked it out and didn’t find anything. The security company said it could have been due to fireworks.

  2. 😮  Eek…!!  Thats scary though!!!  I have never seen a church with a security system… however, the church I grew up in was broken into atleast 7 times in the 5 years my mom cleaned the church!!!!  And it wasn’t anything of her fault… they were breaking windows to get in…!!!  They should have gotten a security system!!! Thats smart thinking though!!  Kind of sucks that it falsely went off though!!!!!  Hope you have a better rest of the night!! 🙂 

  3. Thanks, Gail. I’m at 7 down and 17 to go. Quitting for the night.
    Jami, we didn’t have a security alarm for years. But after we had 3 break-ins in 2 years, we decided it was time. During one of those break-ins, we lost several thousand dollars worth of sound equipment.

  4. :goodjob:Tremendously beautiful! I hope you got them all done prior to the fork incident. Hmmm  . . .  I wonder if the fork of Satan’s pitchfork? :laugh: (Yes, I began with today’s entry, and worked backwords.) Ouch! I ‘m praying for you, Cindy. You have your hands in so many things! (ok, not funny:cry:) Take it easy on yourself! ~ HUGS!  ~ Carolyn:littlekiss:

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