Mark is here.

Lots of work going on. The floors have been vacuumed and mopped this morning. The furniture has been vacuumed. Tables and countertops have been scrubbed. Rachael even cleaned the kitchen chairs. I am in the process of grilling t-bone steaks and sausage. We will also have corn on the cob, potato salad, fresh strawberries, chips, and yeast rolls. Dessert will be chocolate chip, sugar and oatmeal cookies hot out of the oven.

 diet tomorrow 

Mark, Steve and Brandon knocked down the rest of the pool deck, and are putting it out for heavy trash pick-up. They also trimmed back a severely overgrown bush in the front yard. Steve mowed the yard this morning. Rachael is currently trying to corral a couple of dogs and teach one of them to walk on a leash. Beth worked last night and was up really late, so she is still asleep. But she should be up shortly.

Fun. But it is thundering and threatening rain.

Updated 12:05….My clean floors have been replaced by floors with muddy, man-sized footprints. And we aren’t even going to discuss the rug. Oh well. Brandon just came in and asked what I was doing in the house. He said all the fun was being had outside. I beg to differ. I think it’s a whole lot more fun in here in the air conditioning. Even with the oven and clothes dryer on.

Updated again  2:40 p.m…….Carolyn, Ethan said (and I quote) “thanks….but the stories aren’t really coming much anymore.” We were talking about him here last night. I wonder if his ears were burning?

We quit kind of early today. Steve just wasn’t feeling well. His heart was beating too hard (he has had congestive heart failure in the past). He kept getting light headed and dizzy. The combination of heat and high humidity is too much for him. They did get a lot of trash put out. I want to see the looks on the faces of the trash guys when they see this pile of wood and tree limbs.   And after the guys ate that lunch, I don’t think they could have gotten back to work anyway. They all looked like it was time for a nap. Steve said he and Mark were praying for rain.  Like we haven’t had enough of that already….

So I guess now I can make more pew bows.

bouncing faces

I was thinking more about my post on not settling for the wrong mate. When I first met Steve, I had no idea he would be the one. We knew each other 4 years before we ever dated. He asked me out after about a year, but I turned him down.

But after 4 years, I developed an interest in him that I can’t explain. No…I don’t mean I don’t know what I liked about him  (I knew somebody would bring that up!) I mean I had not been interested, and then suddenly, I was. Suddenly, I knew he would be the one. There was just not any doubt.

I believe it was God’s timing. In 1975, it wasn’t the right time for us. But in 1979, it was. God knew what He was doing, and He did it in His own time. Don’t mess with perfection. God’s timing is perfect.


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  1. I’m taking an immediate flight down to your place to grub!!!  ๐Ÿ˜€  See you shortly! lol  Just kiddin… but boy does it sound yummy!!!  Don’t work too hard today!! ***hugs***  Jami

  2. Goodness…  I think today is the day for workaholics lol!!  I have this massive urge to clean today… clean everything…!!!  More than usual…  its like I’m spring cleaning but in the summer! lol  Go figure!  But boy does my house look better after it all…!  I’m quite exhausted now though.  Oh well…  Have fun making pew bows…  you are probably seeing them in your sleep now eh?! haha  ***hugs***

  3. Nightmares with Killer Bows……:laugh:
    Actually, once again, last night I dreamed about Ethan. He’s on my mind a lot. ๐Ÿ™„ I haven’t told him I dreamed about him again this time. He already thinks I’m crazy :giggle:
    Your meds are giving you that extra energy. This is what you’ve needed.

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