Here’s a few pics from today’s VBS.
Let’s start with our clown Nathan Chuong and friend, Casey, in the music class. Casey wanted to go home and cried a lot. I asked Nathan if his sister was coming to VBS this year (we had her last year) and he said, “No, she’s 8 now, ” like that meant she was way too old for VBS.
One of the music classes:
music 2  
Linda, the other teacher in Steve’s class:
Our kitchen ladies. They are the best at making snowcones.
kitchen ladies  
Mark, Ashley and Kathryn in the 2-3 grade class:
Some of our girls eating snowcones:
Kelsy and girls  
Our pastor’s wife, Dena, teaching Pre-K:
Dave, our youth/music minister, also teaching Pre-K. His wife, Chris, took all these pics and sent them to us, so we can make a slide show for family night Friday night.
Some of our 2-3 grade boys:
boys in gr  
Andy, Beth and Jordan teaching grades K-1:
Beth's class   
Also, Andy, Bethany and Jordan:
And me teaching a music class:
I got a compliment today. I went to get my nails done this afternoon. I went to a new place, because my regular place was too busy today. The girl was asking me questions about my family and how old my kids are. I told her my oldest would soon be 25. She said I looked too young to have a child that old. I told her I’m going on 50, and she looked at me really funny. She told me she would have guessed I was about 40.  I think that’s stretching it a bit, but I’ll take every little bit I can get. People always tell me they think I’m younger than I am. It works for me.

I forgot to mention that Jordan (see pic of Beth, Andy and Jordan) is one of the little girls I use to keep while her mom worked. She will be 12 on Aug. 4. I started keeping her older sister, Candice, when Candice was 8 months old. Candice just turned 14 last month. When they were little I took them to VBS with me, since I taught. As soon as they were old enough to help (6th grade), they wanted to go and help teach the classes. They love it. 



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  1. Awwww…   looks like fun!  And I agree with the girl that said you look younger because you don’t look like you are almost 50!!  You definately look younger!!!  And no, I’m not just saying that to be nice or sweet or anything like that.  Its the truth!!!

  2. Hi, Suzanne…yes, we have some cute kids. Most of the ones for VBS come from a Christian school’s summer daycare. Our pastor’s wife taught there, but she just retired from teaching at the end of May.
    Thanks, Jami…..I know you are past the point of just being nice. You are at the point of picking on me, so that means you’re practically family :p  😆

  3. :sunny:Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures. Looks like everyone is having a great time. You deserved that compliment! I have gotten that, but then I have gotten the do you want to senior discount question (for 55+). I will say I am not there yet, but I could lie. Hey, I’m 49 and proud of it!!!:fun::eek: and got the mileage too. Keep having fun, Sharon in GA:laugh:

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