Update 7:00 p.m…..Steve and I are out in the front yard trimming lots of bushes and trees, and mowing. He was edging till the weedeater died for the umpteenth time. I was trimming the wisteria when I got into a wasp nest. I am highly allergic to wasp stings. I never even saw them. My hand feels like I ran a nail through it and it’s swelling. I took Benadryl, put Benadryl cream on the sting, and used my epinephrine inhaler, so the asthma won’t kick in. Sometimes it will make my heart irregular (or just more irregular than it normally is). I hate wasps. Is there really a good purpose for them?
I’m fixing to grill t-bone steaks. Who wants to come for dinner?
Brandon installed a solar-powered roof vent last night. He got up on the roof, cut a huge hole in the roof, and we discovered a storm was coming. But the rain stayed to the north of us. However, he was up there while lightning was lighting up the area.   We are hoping the vent will help lower our outrageous electric bills.
I just thought it was hot here the last few days. The news just said that in S. Dakota, it was 120 today. It cooled off considerably after today’s rain. At about 1:00 this afternoon, it was 75 degrees – 25 degrees cooler than yesterday. It won’t last.
Second day down. Three to go.
It started pouring down rain today, a few minutes after 11:00. Fortunately, most of the day was over by then. I was teaching my last music class. But the playground will most likely be too wet for the kids to play out there tomorrow.
Rachael came to help yesterday and this morning. It’s been extremely hot (like 100 degrees with a heat index of 110 yesterday) so she left her windows down this morning. Well, guess what was still down when the rain started?   And her scrubs were in the car because she was going to just change at church and go to work from there. She had to hang them up in the kitchen to let them dry. And the car seat was soaked.
Every year, we have a contest between the girls and the boys, to see who can bring the most change to put in the offering. The monetary amount doesn’t matter – the weight does. So they bring mostly pennies, since that will weigh more. We have a balance scale – boys bucket on one side, girls on the other.  If the boys win, a representative for the girls gets a pie in the face, and vice versa (they volunteered). The representatives this year are Andy and Bethany. Andy is dying to hit Beth in the face with a pie, but the girls are  winning so far. Yesterday, one of the little girls told Andy’s mom, Chris, “That boy’s goin’ down!!” They get so excited about this, and we really play it up. The funny thing is, even the adults get excited about this. We’ve had perfectly sane adults (and some not so sane), bring $50 in pennies so their side could win. At 11:30 on Friday, the pie showdown will be outside in the  play area. Yes, we’ll get pictures. But we have a plan. If the boys win, and Beth gets the pie in the face, she’s going to have a can of Redi-Whip handy to spray Andy, so he gets his, too. He’s got it coming to him. The pie will just be Cool Whip. This morning during the opening assembly, I asked Andy what kind of pie he likes. He said pecan. I told him pecan pie doesn’t smash too well. 
When the kids started coming into opening assembly, I was sitting on the front pew, going over some of the music. Nathan Chuong (see our clown in the previous two posts), came up behind me and leaned over my shoulder. With this little pleading voice, he said, “Can’t y’all please just give us some money, so the boys can win?” I think he’s worried. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. 
Uh oh, girls are winning:
girls are winning cropped 
Beth and her kids. They are holding their craft project, little crabs made of felt and stuffed with pinto beans. They turned out pretty cute.
Beth's kids small 
fallingraindrop fallingraindrop fallingraindrop 
Counting down: 2 more days till Ethan’s birthday   



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  1. :wave:  Hello!!!  Glad to hear that you had another great day at VBS today!  I wish you could send some of that rain up this way though… ugh!  Its so so so awful today.  Its been anywhere from 103-105 since noon! Ugh!  I understand your pain…!  Thats awful that Rachael (sp?) left her windows down and then everything got wet!!! 😦  Hope it all dried out for her ok.  A few minutes outside in this heat and it will good as new! lol  Off to try and figure out something for supper for Joey tonight.  ***hugs***  Jami

  2. Did somebody say steaks?!?!?!  πŸ˜€  Too bad we don’t live closer! haha  I’m sorry to hear about you getting stung by the wasps… 😦  Thats so awful…!  I hope that benadryl doesn’t do to you what it does to me!!!!!!  Eek!! haha  *****hugs***** 

  3. :sunny:WOW! I hope you are feeling better. I still have “holes” where the fire ants attacked me. Glad you got some rain. Hurray for the girls. :wave:Proud of you and everyone. Do try to get some “rest”, Sharon in GA land:spinning:

  4. :wave:I had to go back to the 16th to get caught up. I left you a message there, too.  Sounds like a wonderful VBS ~ & of course, always tiring, as well. :sleepy: I’m praying that you don’t have any further problems from the wasp stings. Thanks for the anniversary greetings ~ we had a really nice day! (Dinner & movie ~ “Pirates . . .”) :laugh: We’re going to be out of town for about a week, so I’ll not be in computer contact.:eek: I’ll get back with you next week. Praying for a successful VBS spiritual harvest.:yes: ~ HUGS ~ Carolyn πŸ™‚ ~ OH ~ looking forward to the pix of the contest results! πŸ˜†

  5. Yes…we have to go all the way to Memphis.  Long story short is the children’s hospital here in LR wanted us to wait 6 months after an inconclusive result on his test.  I and his PCM didn’t want to wait 6 months so we got a second opinion but had to go to Memphis.  We found the noduals in May and they almost tripled in size by Nov.  His doctor told us that had we waiting the 6 months and then have to wait to get the surgeon and all the other stuff it might have actually been cancer.  And the doctor told us we did the right thing getting the second opinion.  I would never have changed a thing.  We had to drive to Memphis at first every month and then it went to every 3 months and then every 6 months.  I pretty much know Memphis like the back of my hand now.  Oh well…it was worth it…because I loved his doctor!!!!

  6. TJ…I sure hope you can find a doctor in Colorado Springs that you like as well.
    Carolyn….have a good time! I don’t have any doubt you will :giggle:
    Sharon….I have a good sized hole where the wasp got me. I don’t know if you’ve had an IV in your hand that got really sore or not. That’s what my hand feels like. It’s pretty swollen.
    Susan….that’s just what our balanced billing is. Our house is all electric. And we have a lot of stuff that pulls a lot of electricity, like electric water heater, 5 ton AC unit, 1 large fridge and 3 smaller ones, larger freezer. And our rates just went up a good bit.
    And Jami….yes, I was beginning to think that, too :laugh: And if you lived close, I sure would have had you over for a steak dinner.

  7. Cindy,
    It was 117 on Tuesday! We had a short rain storm and it helped to drop the temp by 25 degrees. God is very good!

  8. I will be interested to find out how you used the example of the wasp sting to glorify God today with the children. :yes: I hope you are healing… praying for your time with the young ones…

  9. I will be interested to find out how you used the example of the wasp sting to glorify God today
    πŸ˜† I didn’t Suzanne. Didn’t even think of it. I guess I should have shared with them that I was blessed that a bunch of them didn’t sting me – only one. My hand is still really swollen today. It looks kind of like a water balloon.
    Cynthia…..I was looking at the map and saw an area in your state where the temps were very high. I wondered what it was like where you are. I am very glad I’m not there. I don’t know which would be worse – 117 dry heat or 100 with humidity.

  10. :yes:Praying for you, dear sister…Glad VBS is going so well!  And man, I think I missed dinner!  Those steaks sure sounded wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!  With much love and many prayers, Paula:wave:

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