Second post of the day. I wanted to show you pictures from today.
Beth practicing pushing the pie in Andy’s face:
Beth and Andy  
Beth’s class playing a lifesaver game. You have to pass a lifesaver in a spoon without dropping it:
Lifesaver game  
Beth begging Herb not to put his money in the boys’ bucket:
Herb and Beth  
In line for snowcones (there’s Nathan again). Nathan and snowcones  
Me teaching sign language to one of the songs during opening assembly:
Cindy small  
The kids in opening assembly singing and doing sign language:
sign language  
Remember I said that Nathan went and hit Beth? Well, here he had just put his money in the bucket and was running over to her, with a satisfied look on his face because the boys are now winning. The little boy in the lower right corner is Blake. He started going to our church a couple of years ago. He is the great grandson of one of the ladies working in the kitchen.
Steve and I have been out spending money like crazy the past couple of weeks. Last week a new computer monitor and mouse, today a new desk chair and weedeater. Things are breaking fast around here.
Last night at nearly 10:00, Brandon got a call from our neighbor across the street. Brian’s brother’s AC went out yesterday, and he has a son with cancer. They kind of needed the AC to keep him comfortable. So Brandon went with Brian to his brother’s house to fix the AC. But on the way, Brian’s truck broke down. So Brian’s wife went to pick Brandon up and take him on to the brother’s house, while Brian’s dad came and towed the poor little truck home. Brian’s been outside all day working on the truck. The oil pump went out.



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  1. :sunny:Hi, Thank for sharing these pictures. Looks like everyone is having such a grand time–thank you again. You are signing with your hand–in pain? Ouch! Yea, my husband is “superman” right now–but it is good when he/we can help someone out. His company does this a lot, he had his 3 month eval today-so far everything looks good. Take care please, Sharon in GA-:coolman:

  2. I love the pictures.  We do the same thing with the offering when we have Kids Crusade.  Last year the girls won.  Ours is coming up next month so it will be fun to see if the boys can come back.
    ~Blessings~     Paula

  3. I think there is a special “star” in the crown of women who are director’s at VBS…keep up the good work…there’s only one more day to go….I’m praying for you

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