I thought you might like to see Bethany’s shirt.
Beth's shirt 
Funny….that demand hasn’t gotten her anything yet.
VBS is officially half-way over. Two more days of class and then the Family Night on Friday night, at 7:00. The kids are really enjoying it. Every year we have a couple of kids who would rather not be there, but the rest make up for it. Of course, their favorite class is recreation  And snowcones.
There’s a boy that’s sweet on Bethany. . They have an age difference of about 15 years, but he’ll grow up eventually. Nathan is flirting with her. Today she walked outside and Nathan was standing there eating a snowcone. He put one hand on his hip and said, “Well, well, well….if it isn’t the girl that tried to pie my friend in the face.” Keep in mind this kid is 5. When the boys were putting their money in the buckets this morning, Nathan ran over and hit Beth, kind of like he was saying, “Take that.” The boys did pull ahead today. They are winning. If the girls can’t pull out a win on the last day, Beth will get the pie in the face. Our pastor, Herb, always saves his pennies all year and puts them in the boys’ bucket. Beth played it up today – when Herb went to put his money in, she fell down at his feet and grabbed his ankles, begging him not to put it in the boys’ bucket. Chris got good pictures.I gave in and gave Nathan money today to put in the boys’ bucket. I couldn’t resist those pleading eyes. Chris was taking pictures today and told Nathan he was a ham. He said, “Does that mean I’m cute?” One of the teachers told Dave that Nathan’s parents give a lot of attention to his 2 older sisters, but not to him. That’s sad.
We don’t take in a huge amount of money and we don’t make anything off of VBS, as some people think we do. Out of 40 kids, the offering will probably be around $150. It helps offset the cost of VBS, which is about $1200. But one little girl told me today that her mom was tired of us trying to steal all their money   I wasn’t quite sure what to say.
My hand is still swollen from that wasp sting. It looks like a rubber glove that’s been blown up. I can’t get my ring off. It’s my right hand, and I am right handed, so it presents a few challenges. 

Jami, here’s another one of Beth’s t-shirts:

Beth's shirt cropped




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  1. I hate wasp stings.  They hurt so much!!! I actually kicked a wasp off of me and it hurt so bad!!!  I hope you have a great last couple of days at VBS!!!

  2. :goodjob:You made it this far–now the fun stuff. The girl who’s mother complain, be sure to invite her to church!!! I probably would feel like saying, dear lady how much would it cost to place your child in daycare?? But hey some people just do not understand the cost of keeping the lights/air turned on, the materials, refreshments, and the time. Do hope you will be feeling better soon:wave:! Take Care Please, Sharon in GA

  3. I like that shirt!  Where did she get it??  Definately cute! haha  I like “attitude” shirts!  haha  I’m sorry to hear about your hand.  😦  That can’t be very fun or very easy at that!!  **hugs**  I miss talking to you!  I haven’t been on the computer much the past couple of days.  Joey has been in bed by 8 both nights and I have followed shortly after!  Glad to hear that VBS is going well for you!  **hugs**  Jami

  4. Sharon, this little girl is in a daycare. There is a Christian school and daycare where our pastor’s wife was a teacher through last May. She retired. But every year they bus over the summer daycare kids to our VBS. So I guess the mom feels like we shouldn’t ask for anything else. And of course, the offering is strictly voluntary. Our church members end up putting in a good chunk of it.
    Jami, I’m not sure where she got that shirt. You’ll have to ask her. That’s good that Joey has been going to bed early. It gives you a chance to get some rest. Yeah, my hand is so swollen today that I had trouble writing a check at Home Depot a little while ago. I can’t bend it well enough to grip a pen.

  5. Wow…  thats awful that your hand is that swollen!!!  I hope it gets better soon!!!!  I know that Target and Wal-mart has some attitude shirts b/c I’ve bought them…  but I have never seen the two you put pictures of!!!  I’ll have to check with her and see!!  Definately cute! 🙂

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