Update 3:00 p.m……My trip I just took to Walmart was interesting. There was a high speed chase in the parking lot. I had just come out of the store when I heard sirens. I crossed the main driving lane in front of the store, and was almost to my car when I saw a Deer Park police car come across the parking lot (by the gas station for those of you who have been to the Deer Park Walmart). He had lights and sirens going. He drove up an aisle a couple over from me and into the lane right in front of the store. That’s when I saw he was chasing a speeding white pick-up truck. They took off out the exit by the garden department with an unmarked car right behind them. They headed north on East Blvd and turned east on Pasadena Blvd. That’s toward my house. When I got there, I could see that they had turned north again on Underwood and were now joined by the LaPorte Police. I don’t have any idea what happened. I shall be watching for the news later tonight.

Well…..it’s all over except Family Night.

They boys won. We knew they would. The girls ended up with 54 lbs. of coins and the boys had 68 lbs. So Beth got the pie in the face. Bro. Herb walked her to the place of punishment, where Andy was waiting with 2 pies (made of Cool Whip). He started to hit her with it, then stopped and called Nathan over. See, Nathan had been dying to do the pie in the face, and Beth wanted him to. When Andy called him over, though, we think Nathan thought that HE was going to get the pie in HIS face. This morning in opening assembly, he came over to me and asked, “Even if the boys lose, does ‘Befany’ (he can’t say her name right) still get the pie in the face?” He was really interested in her getting it. So we let him have some fun.

We don’t have a still pic of Nathan hitting Beth with the pie, but we did get it on video. Here’s a few.

The last run-through on our music before the Family Night program:


The boys win. Notice our prop for tonight. It’s Andy’s Windsurfer. This is a Caribbean Island theme for VBS.


Brother Herb walking Beth to her “death”. The pole hides it, but Mark has one of Beth’s drums, providing a death march:

dead woman walking  

Just before the pie in the face:

before the pie 

Just after:

Andy after pie 

Nathan and Beth (he still looks worried):

Nathan after pie 

Beth, Andy and some of our VBS kids – the ones that ran to pick up the pie plates because they wanted to taste the Cool Whip:

after the pie 

After it was over, her hair was sticky and then stiff.

Hahaha…we just watched the video. It’s pretty good. After they hit her with the pies, Beth chased Andy across the parking lot and across the street. We are going to show it tonight, along with a video of all the pics taken during the week. Steve set it to the song “Find Your Wings” by Mark Harris of 4 Him.

Ok….I’m off to run errands before Family Night.



10 thoughts on “

  1. Awww… poor Beth!!  haha  Luckily I have never experienced the “pie in the face” feeling! 😀  I hope that all is going well there! *hugs*  Jami

  2. Cool Whip in the face feels really strange. But it was fun. Even if my hair dried stiff and my arms and hands were sticky. I wiped some all over Nathan’s face and he just licked it off.

  3. Love the pie in the face!  She is such a good sport! 🙂
    Now that VBS is over, you can relax and enjoy the summer!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Thanks for straightening me out on Bethany and Ethan just being friends.  I know you are glad VBS is over.  It just wears a person out!  You know the older we get…..:giggle:

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