Update 9:05 p.m….Some of my VBS kids are going to sing one song and do their sign language in the worship service tomorrow morning.


I just got through watching Behind Enemy Lines. I’ve seen it a couple of times before and liked it. But tonight when I watched, my heart skipped beats and I felt sick. Sometimes movies do that to me. I have never been able to watch Schindler’s List, eventhough Brandon has seen it many times, and has told me how good it is.  I saw the series Winds of War, about WW II, right after Rachel died. I could not watch it the next time it was on because of the torture and deaths of children. I also saw the finale of MASH just months after Rachel died. When it got to the part where the mother smothered her crying baby to keep him quiet, I lost it. It was on again recently and I had to turn away at that part. I knew what was coming, and I felt that sick feeling all over again.

fallingraindrop fallingraindrop fallingraindrop


I was hoping I could just stay inside in the AC all day today and not have to go outside even once. Forgot I had to take Beth to work.   I am longing for the outside temps to be about 40 degrees.  Come on, January.

I got to sleep in today. I have to get a lot of sleep in order to not have seizures. I don’t have them often due to good medication, but this week I had been feeling like it was a possibility. I took a little extra medication last night before bed. I fell asleep around midnight, I think. Didn’t get up till nearly noon today. I know….some will think that’s awful. But sometimes I have to do that.

I’ve been taking larger doses all week of anti-inflammatory pain meds for my rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. There’s side effects from that, so this week, I’ll be trying to get off of those, or at least decrease the dosage considerably. I’ve also been taking a double dose of my narcotic for RLS. Come to think of it….it seems like drugs is the only way I made it through VBS this year   

Bethany went upstairs to watch a movie last night. She laid down on her floor and fell asleep sometime between 11:30 and midnight. She didn’t wake up till about 8:30 this morning – still on the floor. The movie was over by then.

For a brief few minutes, there were several of us home at once today. Beth and I were here. Then Rachael came home for lunch. Brandon came home from his shooting match about 3:30. He had a lot of fun. Now he and I are the only ones home. Sure is quiet around here.

Brandon and Rachael are going to the Saltgrass Steakhouse tonight. He works for my sister and bro-in-law in their AC business. Heather and Bill are taking all their workers out for dinner tonight. They did a difficult job a couple of weeks ago, and Heather had said that all those who survived would be treated to a steak dinner. Wonder what would have happened if they didn’t survive?

Brandon is use to working outside in the heat, or in a hot attic. He said that today’s shooting match was not uncomfortable to him eventhough it was hot, but there sure was a lot of whining from people use to working in offices.

I fought city hall this week….and won! We have 2 vehicles sitting in our driveway that are not being driven at the moment, so we just let the tags expire. The Camaro is just an extra car, and Brandon and Rachael still want to restore it to the original conditon. The outside looks fine. Beth’s truck still has some cosmetic things that need fixing, but one fender panel looks bad. So the city assumed they were junked cars because the tags were expired and Beth’s has a dent. There is a $200 fine for having junked cars, and you have to remove them. We don’t know if the realtor for the house next door complained. When they came out to tow an abandoned car from our street, they may have just looked around at other cars.  It made me mad because it’s not like we have a bunch of vehicles sitting around up on jack stands or cinder blocks. You can’t tell there’s anything different about that Camaro, from any other car parked in somebody’s driveway. So….I wrote a letter to the city and explained what we are doing with the vehicles. The man in charge called me back yesterday and said that was fine. He said, “Thanks for working with us and letting us know what’s going on.” So, the problem is solved.

It’s 5:30. Steve just called and said he won’t be home till after 10:00, maybe more like 11:00. This is not a normal work day for him, so it’s all overtime. He’ll get about 2/3 of a normal one week paycheck, just for today.

One of the moms that came to the program last night, is one that had an affair with a married man in our church, so things were a little uncomfortable. And they’ve been seen together fairly recently, so things are still going on 17 months later (eventhough he’s supposed to be back with his wife). I don’t ever talk to any of them anymore. I never see them. That’s fine with me.

After the Family Night last night, some of us who worked in VBS stayed and had sandwiches and the teens and young adults played what we call “hide and seek in the dark”. It’s a lot of fun actually. Our Sunday School building gets very dark when all the lights are out. In some rooms, you can’t even see your hand in front of your face. Teams go and hide, and another team seeks. Our young adults, now in their 20’s and early 30’s, have attempted to teach the next generation about this game. They have perfected it, because they’ve been doing it for 10 years or more. They know the good tricks, like not wearing nylon wind pants. They make noise when you run. Don’t wear white shirts or socks – they almost glow in the dark. And if you really don’t want to be found, don’t have any of the giggly girls on your team.   But even the older adults have fun at this. Steve, Dave and Mark like playing it. One year, Steve and Dave scared the heck out of some of the girls. Dave climbed up in the attic and hooted like an owl. Steve stood in the shadows at the end of the hall, and rolled some old flashlight batteries down the hall.  Those girls could scream, and some of our teenaged boys can scream almost as good as the girls. Brandon likes to sneak outside and climb up the fire escape. Those silly girls never figure that one out. Dave, our youth/music minister, calls the girls “pneumo-craniums”. (That’s “air heads” for those who didn’t figure that out.)

Yes, we have to pass on traditions. We now have kids playing that game, who weren’t even born when we first started. Good family fun.

It’s pouring down rain out there again.



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  1. Sounds like a fun tradition that is harmless and could easily be passed down.  Way to go with fighting city hall.  I think I would’ve been just a “little” upset as well.  Take care of yourself girl, you are in my prayers for your health stuff.

  2. Thanks, Cynthia. It will get better this coming week, if I can get a little rest.
    And this week, one of the women at church offered to help me with all the sewing for the wedding, so I will have some help. She and I are great friends, and she is actually a “certified seamstress”. That is such a relief. She’s a really sweet lady.

  3. Today has been a rollercoaster day again…!!!  Such is life…  maybe it will calm down again soon.  Who knows?  My mom is scheduled to have surgery August 1st which is just a tad over a week away so I doubt it… but we will see I guess.  *hugs*  Jami

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