We’ve been playing around with  Rachael’s blog this morning. She wanted snowflakes in the background, since the upcoming wedding is a blue and silver snowflake theme. It will be changing more, but she had to quit and go to work.

I really hope the ducks and frogs are happy right now. It’s pouring down rain….again! We have a tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico, sending rain up our way. Look at the rain that’s still coming:

abc13 doppler radar

For supper, it’s chicken breast, potatoes au gratin, green salad and fresh strawberries.

I was searching for something, and got sidetracked by blinkies:

thank you    home of the brave all gave some  

  bin ladin  like my attitude  


voices not real   ignore you  laugh alone way your mother told you

stress choke  small mind  light travels faster than sound

 dontbelieve everything  mindmadeup  balanced diet  dull women

all stressed out    snowflakesfallblinkie1

clean kitchen complete idiot

breakfast in bed  off medications 

lovednotunderstood_chasity  can't have just one 

    don't understand  cats have staff 

  do not iritate martha stewart    

specialdada1 marriedblink i'm not bossy hobbesreala buddylista joyhusbanda1 joydaughtera1 oldladycatsa1

mec_WeWishYouAMerryChristmasKitties mec_VisionsOfSugarPlums 

bighearttouchsoula1 bigheartlovewithouta1

And Jami….I thought you’d like this purple one:

forever friends bears 

Check back….I’ll be adding more.



23 thoughts on “

  1. Its definately cute!!  I thought about changing my background to the purple snowflakes you found for me…! 🙂  But I haven’t done it yet…  maybe soon!  Hope all is well…  **hugs**  Jami

  2. Yes!  we’ve got rain…isn’t it terrible that some folks need it SO bad, and we are swamped, literally!!  Strange!!  I pray the clouds go AWAY before my vacation, which is Aug 21.

  3. Thanks for welcoming me home (& to Xanga)! I actually survived well without a computer for one week! :laugh: I just caught up with your posts for this whole page! :goodjob: :heartbeat: Hugs! :heartbeat:

  4. Awww… I love the purple one!!!!!!!!!!  Its so cute!  Where did you find those at… they are all really cute!!!  Thank you for thinking about me!!!  Jami

  5. Well…we finally got the internet in our room so I am trying to run around and post comments.  It has been so long since I commented.  sorry!!!  Hey…I do have a very big favor…we got an offer on the house today but we had to do a counter offer and they have until tomorrow at noon to respond.  Please keep us in your prayers that they decided to either counter the counter or accept the offer.  Thanks a million girl!!!  CO Springs is 69 right now and it is only 8:49!!!  Got to love this!!!  Have a great week!!!  TJ

  6. Billy won’t be home until the end of September.  As it stands right now we don’t even have a date for him to come home!  I really wish I had a date…it will give me a light at the end of this long tunnel!!!  But all in good time!!!  Thanks for your prayers too!!!  I am hoping to post that we got a contract tomorrow afternoon!!!  :sunny:

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